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  1. Emberdawn
    by Mefitis
  2. Widdrim Hymn
    by Mefitis
  3. The Mystic Valley Tapes
    by Garroted
  4. Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors
    by Garroted
  5. Eternal Turn of the Wheel
    by Drudkh
  6. Eternal Turn of the Wheel
    by Drudkh
  7. Culminating Ruins
    by Dawn of Nil
  8. Wijsgeer & Narreman
    by LASTER
  9. Vederlicht verraad
    by LASTER
  10. With Hunger Undying
    by Ur Draugr
  11. Sacramental Death Qualia
    by Haunter
  12. L'héritage du monde
    by Trépas
  13. The Fires of Calcination
    by Consummation
  14. Позбавлення
    by svrm
  15. Astral Bestiary
    by Gutvoid
  16. Sacred Ashes
    by Lesath
  17. Schein
    by ÄERA
  18. Maledictus Aeternum
    by Aeterna Tenebrae
  19. And Swords Will Sing Again
    by The Eternal Wanderer
  20. Interstellar
    by Thanatonaut
  21. Ignee Sacertà Ctonie
  22. MMXIX
    by Abyssal Vacuum
  23. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
  24. Cloak of Ash
    by Hope Drone
  25. ARVET
    by GRIFT
  26. Nascido Sob o Signo Incivilizatório
    by Kaatayra
  27. Sleepy Eye
    by Morke
  28. These Mills Are Oceans
    by Sertraline
  29. La Larve Exulte
    by Cénotaphe
  30. Empyrée
    by Cénotaphe
  31. Horizons / Azur
    by Cénotaphe
  32. Decoherence
    by Decoherence
  33. Hope Drone
    by Hope Drone
  34. Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely
    by Mádra
  35. Ekpyrosis
    by Decoherence
  36. ...Of Oak And Snow
    by Morke
  37. Premonicion De Guerra
    by Lluvia
  38. The Absence of Void
    by Névoa
  39. Stèles
    by DMRBR
  40. Voice of the Burned
    by Vast Souls
  41. Nachtig
    by Nachtig
  42. Pillars I
    by Earth and Pillars
  43. Earth I
    by Earth and Pillars
  44. Mors Aeterna
    by Sanctvs
  45. Derniers Chants
    by Ossuaire