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  1. Pnik Mxeico
    Ha ha, CAUTION that band is viscous, it's awfully catchy Garage Grunge quite Pop. It's "dishonest" stuff, don't listen or you'll be glued in their web. :-P
  2. Horizontal/Vertical
    by Saintes
    Where Were the Boys? Where Were the Boys?
  3. Patterns
    by Froth
  4. Trash From Our Lips
    by Eets Feats
  5. Antenna to the Afterworld
    by Sonny & The Sunsets
  6. Sixteen Dreams
    by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
    Great collection of volcanic Garage Rock tracks with a simplicity and efficiency targeting the essence of the genre. The tracks are more diversified than what would let feel a first inattentive listening. Excellent vocals work and diversity.
  7. Harakiri Krishnas
    by Eleven Year Old
  8. The Sun
    by Dr. DUVAL
    Great explosive Garage Punk, excellent work on guitars, vocals and sounds. The sound volume is quite low remind to boost it up when listening it. :-)
  9. Key to a False Door
    by The Blind Shake
  10. The Backwards Frontier
    by The Inclined Plane
  11. Twilight Language
    by Family Curse
  12. Start from an End (Self Release 2012)
    by Nucular Aminals
  13. HUSSY
  14. A Pact with the Devil LP
    by Catholic Spit
    Ha ha, very fun, "ça déboule", excellent abuse of bass tones. It's massive, round and aerial with a bit of acidity from the vocals, and there's many cool music winks to horror movies music, juicy. :-)
  15. BABES s/t Debut LP
    by BABES
    I'll Internet yelling EEEEEEE!!!! GREAT stuff! :-)
  16. X-Ray Fiends
    by X-Ray Fiends
  17. Escape From Vienna
    by Crystal Soda Cream
    A mix of New Wave as first Cure album and some Joy division echoes on some tracks. Very good New Wave with some ambition, a must try for fans of Cure first album.
  18. Enter The Coven
    by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
    Stunning high-tension Garage Psychedelic, seems have reached dimensions of a classic, well ok time will say. :-)
  19. EPUZZ
    Excellent atypical Math Rock with few vocals, Caribbean music broken then rebuild and a fresh enthusiasm for the fun.
  20. Bent Out Of Shape
    by Pow Wows
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