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  1. Alpinist|Masakari Split
    by Alpinist
    Abgerichtet Abgerichtet
    In a world where generic mall-core rules the monetary roost, honest bands like Alphinist come around and kick your ass. aggressive and sludgy and highly recommended
  2. Alpinist|Masakari Split
    by Masakari
    XVII - The Obscene Underbelly XVII - The Obscene Underbelly
  3. Paths of The Restless
    by Cosmonauts Day
    The Captain The Captain
  4. Fables of the Sleepless Empire
    by Unexpect
    Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
    spastic and refreshing. Unexpect delivers exactly what their name promises
  5. Polynesian Dream EP
    by AstroLogical
    Evening Out Evening Out
    extreme genres of music and technical genres of music do not mesh well with writing academic papers. in these instances i prefer mellow electronic music
  6. Orogeny
    by Turbid North
    Wolves Wolves
    take mid-paced Morbid Angel death metal, and throw it together with Sabbath inspired Doom. Awesome under-the-radar record
  7. The Destroyers of All
    by Ulcerate
    Dead Oceans Dead Oceans
    Technical Death Metal in the vein of Gorguts Obscura album. Avant Garde and metal go hand-in-hand, and this release proves it
  8. Molochian
    by Murder Therapy
    Moloch Moloch