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  1. Overscore (+)
    by exm
    CP04 CP04
    The sound of the future as it should be. Very unusual and rhythmic.
    It`s like a painting. Many paintings. Los cuadros. Die Gemälde. Картины.
  2. Brainwaltzera Remixed EP
    by Brainwaltzera
    Dropp On Gminor (ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ † Φlesh Mix) Dropp On Gminor (ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ † Φlesh Mix)
    As it often happens on Touched Music, the album contains one genius track while the others are too common. This time the ONE is from Greece.
  3. Others Remixed
    by Culprate
    Culprate - Beast (Vorso Remix) Culprate - Beast (Vorso Remix)
    The very different music, all of it contains fantastic retro background. Here is unusual D&B style of the Culprate. I would compare a few of the tracks to Dragon Age style.
    (6) Trentemøller remix;
  4. Phantasmata Domestica
    by Black Sun Productions with Mikael Karlsson
    Quanto Al Futuro Quanto Al Futuro
    Almost Paul Romero sometimes in anti-classic way. Despite the lyrics is Italian, the authors made me learn Latin.
  5. All Beauty Must Die
    by Black Sun Productions
    The album leaves a supernatural impression. It is combined of natural and well-treated digital motives. It`s some kind of magic. A music magic.
  6. Biological Exuberance
    by Black Sun Productions
    stalactites and stalagmites stalactites and stalagmites
    The very unusual sound. I`m very suprised that this was available in 2011.
  7. operettAmorale
    by Black Sun Productions
    Ballade von der Höllenlili Ballade von der Höllenlili
    This is an another misleading album image. Someone can imagine a hard digital trance. But it is not. It is IDM. Sometimes it is vulgar. But it is smoothed and colored by the German language. These guys know what the language and natural timbres are.
  8. The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm
    by Black Sun Productions
    Baby Got A Mohawk (Decapitation Mix) Baby Got A Mohawk (Decapitation Mix)
    The album name is very provocative, the picture is not attractive, but behind this hides a very interesting IDM music combining natural and digital instruments.
  9. enoeraew
    by Black Sun Productions and Bahntier
    Enoeraew Enoeraew
    A depth in the simplicity. The only author I know who is able to do such things is Atom TM, but he`s more in the club music. This is a second one. And this is genious.
    I would call this retro-noise. And this music makes me remember Depeshe Mode.
    You may read about very interesting couple who where creating this music.
  10. Dies Juvenalis
    by Black Sun Productions
    percettive riflessioni percettive riflessioni
    I`d like to think that the image represents the album. But it doesn`t. The music is much faster. Here are interesting rhythm changes. But it will make you tired very soon, sooner than you will understand it.
  11. Unspoiled Monsters / Hidden Gardens
    by Black Sun Productions
    bauma bauma
    This is a real Zoo of unusual music that is related to some imaginable creatures. But for my opinion the most unusual is the creature behind the track bauma.
  12. The Impossibility Of Silence: As Above
    by Black Sun Productions
    Down The Lane Down The Lane
    You were be expecting something from the space? Something rhythmical? The romantic of the album image is especially decreased by the authors. But the music is as usually deep.
    You may find much more positive in So Bellow album. Here is some kind of a dystopia.
  13. The Impossibility Of Silence: So Below
    by Black Sun Productions
    A Well Hung Monk A Well Hung Monk
  14. Musick For Porn Vol. 2
    by Massimo & Pierce
  15. Poisoned By A Green Fairy
    by Black Sun Productions with Val Denham
  16. Desert Rose
    by Anarcocks
  17. Is Cling Film Safe To Use?
    by anarcocks
    Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse
    This is some kind of smart industrial love.
  18. Hotel Oriente
    by Anarcocks
    The most precious part of this album is an Italian speech in supernatural way. Anyway I `m surprised of this album popularity.
  19. Children Of The Black Sun
    by Black Sun Productions
    Astral Walk : Marziale Astral Walk : Marziale
    It would be be just another album without distinct accents.
    But here are a few interesting things: the applause is artificial, there is a commenter behind, and here are 3d sound images. Also the timbres are interesting. Would I like the private concert as it presented here? - Yes.
  20. Without Words There Is No Time
    by Black Sun Productions