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  1. Don't Forget You're Here Forever
    by Teletexter
  2. Fist Me 'til Your Hand comes Out My Mouth
    by Crywank
  3. Wolves
    by Trigger Thumb
  4. Digital Immigrant EP
    by Trigger Thumb
  5. Pituitary
    by Unturned
  6. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
  7. Amy Locust Whatever
    by CBMC
  8. Muck
    by CBMC
  9. milo the dog sees color
    by CBMC
  10. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
    drunk txt romance drunk txt romance
    Lo-fi and sad, yet comforting. An excellent melancholy expression of whatever the hell we call romance these days.
    by CBMC
  12. ÒOR 1.5
    by CBMC
    1 (demo) 1 (demo)
    It's like CBMC - but for the good days instead of the melancholy ones. What's not to like?
  13. Your call is important to us.
    by Trigger Thumb
    Sloppy Joe Sloppy Joe
    Saw these guys support Dorje back in the Autumn of 2015. Was immediately blown away at how tight they sounded live, and how their songs, whilst experimental, remained catchy. Absolutely a 10/10 EP as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Ode to the Author
    by Toska
    Phoneme Phoneme
    The atmosphere in some of these tracks is breathtaking. Bea's ambient playing is the some of the most captivating guitar playing I've heard.