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Sam Rodwell

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  1. Idelia EP
    by Legs On Wheels
    The catchiest weird shizz you ever did stumble on. I particularly love the Hondo.
  2. ben rodwell
    by ben rodwell
    Art School Jesus Art School Jesus
    Witty lyrics, cosy production and earworm melodies. Goes down equally well with a cup as tea as with a glass of red wine. The guitar playing is something special.
  3. 5
    by SAULT
    Let Me Go Let Me Go
    Perfect music. The production is insane, the energy unbridled and the songs compulsive.
  4. Your Wilderness Revisited
    by William Doyle
    Zionshill Zionshill
    Incredibly dense, original songs with a beautiful aesthetic and soaring melodies. Will’s voice is captivating and the arrangements genuinely magnificent.
    by ZoZo
  6. Move Closer (Archive)
    by Legs On Wheels
    Batshit crazy psychedelic prog from the motherland
  7. Rust
    by Perfect Mistakes
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  8. Small Hours
    by Gandhi's Hands
    Don't Be Surprised Don't Be Surprised
    I’m in this band but I wasn’t at the time and even then I thought this was some of the most haunting writing I’d ever heard
  9. The Active Listener Sampler 40
    by The Active Listener
  10. Stop Playing With My Heart
    by Avid Dancer
  11. Live In Glasgow
    by Gnarwolves
  12. Christmas in Pity Me (with ONSIND and friends)
    by Onsind
  13. Snow (Don't tell the truth this Christmas)
    by Tellison
  14. Moving World EP
    by Syd Arthur
    Exit Domino Exit Domino
    Awesome, intricate psych/prog stuff with great textures, playing, melodies and an impressive control of dynamics.
  15. Crazy Fucking Dreams
    by BANGERS
    This is alright, but not a 'gamechanger' like I'd heard. In fact, the production makes it almost unlistenable for me, seriously guys when it impacts on enjoyment of an album it is an important point to note
  16. Spooky Action
    by Iron Chic
    More Iron Chic. Yes please.
  17. Face-Hooked
    by Rat Attack
    I actually downloaded the whole EP because they're playing 2000 trees but accidentally paid for this first. Bronx/Refused like punk, pretty fun.
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  18. Dead Sea
    by The Arteries
    One of the band's playing Trees this year and a few people seemed to be saying good things. Gonna take a few listens, but nothing off putting as of yet! Vocalist is pretty great!
  19. Listed Buildings
    by Chewing Gum
    They're playing this gig I'm going to and these sounded neat.
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  20. Snow (demo)
    by Chewing Gum