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  1. Mithridate
    by Locust of the Dead Earth
    As If I Had Thrown My Tongue Into The Gutter As If I Had Thrown My Tongue Into The Gutter
    Fuzz guitar laid over analogue perc and effects. Great stuff.

    For full review, see:
  2. low spark of high squealed toys
    by offthesky & juxta phona
    I featured this track in a mix I did of night time jazz and dark ambient:
  3. Selektiv hogst
    by Koboku Senjû
    Dyr som blir spist av andre dyr Dyr som blir spist av andre dyr
    These guys are fantastic. A Norwegian/Japanese free-improv quartet using tuba, sax, trumpet, guitar, electronics.

    I've reviewed their new release 'Joining the queue to become one of those ordinary ghosts' here:
  4. Death Blues
    by Jon Mueller
    Impatience Impatience
  5. Metamanoir
    by Dale Cooper Quartet & the dictaphones
    Mon Tragique Chartreuse Mon Tragique Chartreuse
  6. Parallel paths
    by Cello+Laptop (Edu Comelles & Sara Galán)
    Wanderlust Wanderlust
    Well-honed modern classical/ambient crossover.

    For a review, see:
  7. the volume settings folder - Ivan Hoe and Other Tales - OIC001
    by organic industries
    B1 - Purity III B1 - Purity III
    Fantastic album incorporating elements of ambient, drone, and electronica.

    For full review, please see:
  8. Extant
    by oh/ex/oh
    The Holy Fallout The Holy Fallout
    Apocalyptic bliss.

    For full review please see:
  9. New Music from the Delta Quadrant
    by The Colossal Ithaca Trio
    Wolf √359 Wolf √359
    Wonderfully balanced instrumental ambient album with a hint of jazz.

    Reviewed in my 2012 round-up:
  10. Rhythm of Snow (remastered)
    by Yagya
    Snowflake 3 Snowflake 3
    Dub techno classic. Nuff said.
  11. Persistent repetition of phrases
    by The Caretaker
    Von Restorff effect Von Restorff effect
    Probably The Caretaker's masterpiece. Impossible to describe, just listen. Can take years to work its way in.
  12. Mir
    by Ott.
    Mouse Eating Cheese Mouse Eating Cheese
    More psychedelic dub from the maestro. In truth it's not his best, I recommend checking out Blumenkraft instead.