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  1. Eureka, California
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  1. Velocipede
    by High Tone Son of a Bitch
  2. Better You Than Me
    by High Tone Son of a Bitch
  3. Death of a New Day / Eye in the Sky
    by High Tone Son of a Bitch
  4. Space
    by Kvasir
  5. Constant Companion
    by Kvasir
  6. The Hanged Man & The Emperor
    by Kvasir
  7. Welcome to the Sewers
    by Wretched Fuck
  8. Lock And Load EP
    by Wretched Fuck
  9. Nudes - Sister
    by Nudes
  10. Never Too Late
    by Sahn Maru
  11. Preying Hands - Through The Dark
    by Preying Hands
  12. Paranoia & Regret
    by Frustration
  13. Frustration
    by Frustration
  14. Cold Thought
    by Criminal Code
  15. Frustration - Broken Defective
    by Frustration
  16. Slightly Less Than Nothing - EP
    by Slightly Less Than Nothing
  17. Bone Sickness - Demo
    by Bone Sickness
  18. Split EP
    by Kicker / Submachine
  19. Jesus Fucking Christ
    by Jesus Fucking Christ
  20. Strange Wilds
    by Strange Wilds
  21. Burnt Skin
    by Raw Nerves
  22. Procession of Vultures
    by Procession of Vultures
  23. Broke
    by Kicker
  24. Ballast - Fuse
    by Ballast
  25. Negative Press - Long Haul
    by Negative Press
  26. Living Through The End Time...
    by Oroku
  27. Whorehouse of Representatives - Discography
    by Whorehouse of Representatives
  28. Less Fashion, More Thashin
    by Slightly Less Than Nothing
  29. Sod Hauler
    by Sod Hauler
  30. The Fucking Split
    by Star Fucking Hipsters, Jesus Fucking Christ
  31. Bury Your Dead
    by Skarp
  32. Raw Nerves - LP
    by Raw Nerves
  33. Cop on Fire - Discography
    by Cop on Fire
  34. Criminal Code - Sacred Hands b/w Distressed Dreams
    by Criminal Code
  35. Split LP
    by Fix My Head / Knife In The Leg
  36. Aldebaran / Sod Hauler - split LP
    by inimicalrecords
  37. "Collected Thought"
    by Criminal Code
  38. The Tenant
    by LUDICRA
  39. The Unlawful Assembly
    by Dawn Ray'd
  40. Cliterati / Violation Wound
    by Violation Wound / Cliterati
  41. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
    by Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
  42. Stratosphere
    by Substratum
  43. Riffs for Reproductive Justice
    by Black Flags Over Brooklyn
  44. Trapped
    by Cronander
  45. Isotope
    by Isotope