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  1. Worp
    by Dylan Woods
    Worp is one of my favorite track from Woods so far, it's just got a nice roadtrip vibe to it and it's become my go-to car ride song. can't wait to hear what's next!
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    DATAGIRL's debut is definitely a memorable release. HEAVEN CRY is a unique blend of vaportrap and house music which creates this weird blend of the two and I fucking love it. can't wait to hear what comes after this beast of an album!
  3. Crash Pad/King for a Day
    by George Clanton & Nick Hexum
    Crash Pad Crash Pad
    There is one way to legitimately describe Clanton's new sound, and it's "100% RADICAL." the instrumental work of Clanton here reminds me of old skate tapes and the vocals from Hexum radiate heavy old school rock vocals. the two sounds crashing together (in the pad) create an awesome blend. I love it and cannot friggin' wait for more!
  4. HELLO!
    by Good Boy Nikko
    Mr. Sparkle! Mr. Sparkle!
    Good Boy Nikko's debut EP 'HELLO!' is an all-around feel good album. It makes you wanna dance, and that's the exact vibe I feel it should give you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Good Boy Nikko!
  5. Live From Japan
    by death's dynamic shroud
    Rare Emoji Collection Rare Emoji Collection
    I used to only listen to their bigger albums, like I'll Try Living Like This and Heavy Black Heart. As I dove deeper and deeper into DDS's discography, I found that this is exactly what I want in vaporwave. Something truly unique and special. Thank you DDS for being so great! The vapor community doesn't deserve such a great band.
  6. Hit Vibes
    Cherry Pepsi Cherry Pepsi
    Cherry Pepsi was the first song I heard before getting into the scene without knowing it was part of the scene. I watched a generic MV of it on YouTube someone had made over, and over again. I never knew it was sampled. Indirectly I'm back at square one, listening to it all the time and making music inspired by the ones I look up to in this crazy scene of music we call future funk and vaporwave. Thank you, Ryan. I love you Saint Pepsi, bitch.
  7. With Love 愛を込めて
    by waterfront dining & 猫 シ Corp.
    Our Night Our Night
    Both 猫 シ Corp. and waterfront dining did an excellent job on making this album work. With waterfront dining's simplistic and minimal sample usage along with 猫 シ Corp.'s classic style, it truly creates a memorable album.
  8. Polygonic
    by bootlegbby
    Mitsubishi @Mark Mitsubishi @Mark
    bootlegbby's Polygonic is a great example of great, fluid VHS pop. Every track seamlessly meshes with each other and it creates a great album to listen to from start to finish. With recognizable sample usage, you'd think the album falls flat on its face. You'd be wrong. Polygonic definitely holds its own against other big name vaporwave and related genre albums. BBBY is shaping up to be one of the hottest VHS pop producers of this year!
  9. Rejoice
    by Napolian
    False Memories False Memories
    When I first heard this album I was immediately in love. Napolian hits the nail dead-on in his EP "Rejoice." It's such a great blend of groovy 90's style synths and the modern synthwave influence. Highly recommend to anyone interested in artists like Eyeliner or Windows96.
  10. Crop Circles
    by Mother's Hold
    Beach Song Beach Song
    Mother's Hold's bedroom pop and vaporwave mixture is exactly what the world needs more of. His unique take on the sounds of the past and the present blend excellently to create unique songs and stories. Mother's Hold will be a household name in bedroom pop someday, and I hope it's soon!
  11. Journey through Albia
    by Strixxi
    Babysteps Babysteps
    I'm not usually a sucker for more ambient influenced works, but Strixxi knocks it out of the park. Plenty of sounds here I absolutely love, and a great use of samples. The work here is very obviously done with heart and soul, and I am anxious to see what Strixxi releases next!
    Monoscopic retires his MSL series for POOLSIDE, a collection of groovy VHS jams. Not much else to say about this amazing album besides that it should be an essential listen for anyone interested in VHS pop.
  13. OST(1).rar
    by R23X
    ☆「 d r y s u m m e r 」[VHS] ☆「 d r y s u m m e r 」[VHS]
    OST(1).rar is a great pick for anyone looking to delve into R23X's discography. It's full of fun, chiptune-y and nostalgic tracks that'll take you back to the SNES area, and definitely makes you feel like you're playing a game without touching the controller.
  14. World Class
    by Luxury Elite
    S.W.A.K. S.W.A.K.
    World Class is Luxury Elite's most seminal album to date. It influenced an entire era of vaporwave and it still does today. Having this in my collection is one of the greatest achievements a collector can own up to!
  15. 100% Electronica
    by George Clanton
    Warmspot Warmspot
    100% Electronica is a considered a classic among many. It is the ultimate synthpop and electronic masterpiece, bearing George's emotionally-driven vocalwork and his dreamy chord progressions. If you haven't given 100% Electronica a listen, anytime is a good time to let the experience take over. The 100% ELECTRONICA™ experience.
  16. 100% Electronica
    by George Clanton
    Warmspot Warmspot
    100% Electronica is a considered a classic among many. It is the ultimate synthpop and electronic masterpiece, bearing George's emotionally-driven vocalwork and his dreamy chord progressions. If you haven't given 100% Electronica a listen, anytime is a good time to let the experience take over. The 100% ELECTRONICA™ experience.
  17. Slide
    by George Clanton
    You Lost Me There You Lost Me There
    This album introduced me to Clanton's work, and I'm glad it did. George Clanton is a passionate, amazing artist with talent for miles. If he ever makes it to the red carpet, I can say I liked it before it was cool.
    by ESPRIT 空想
    bonus.wav† bonus.wav† is the perfect video game. It doesn't have a menu, it doesn't have levels, but it has a soundtrack. And the soundtrack fits the game perfectly.
  19. One Hundred Mornings
    by Windows96
    Caligula Caligula
    An album reminiscent of artists like Eyeliner or Esprit, One Hundred Mornings doesn’t fail to please. Really glad to own another genre classic on vinyl!
  20. Palm Mall
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    Endless (feat. CVLTVRE) Endless (feat. CVLTVRE)
    While I prefer the sequel to Palm Mall, Palm Mall Mars, this album is such a classic in the community. I didn't think about getting it at first but now I'm glad I did!
  21. Mana Pool
    Aqua Domain Aqua Domain
    A vaportrap classic. Play this at my funeral, underwater.
  22. I'll Try Living Like This
    by death's dynamic shroud
    난 괜찮다고 또 웃으며 Good Bye 난 괜찮다고 또 웃으며 Good Bye
    This album reminds me of walking down broken streets past closed shops and familiar faces. A feeling I've never felt before but a feeling I can somehow relate to.
  23. Spaceship Earth
    by Whitewoods
    Misery Loves Misery Loves
    This album IS the 90s'. No further comment.
  24. Flamingo Funk Volume 1
    by Various
    ESPRIT 空想 - daydream ESPRIT 空想 - daydream
    This compilation album of great artists deserves to have its money go to charity. Feel good vibes all around in this bitch.
  25. 무너지기 (Crumbling)
    by 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief)
    곡선과 투과광 (Curve and Light) 곡선과 투과광 (Curve and Light)
    Korean folk band Mid-Air Thief's second full length album is one to remember. Dreamy vocals and instrumentals clash perfectly in harmony. Crumbling is one of my favorite albums of this year by far.
  26. Nocturne Catacombs
    by Equip
    Nocturne Catacombs ( d e s c e n d i n g ) Nocturne Catacombs ( d e s c e n d i n g )
    The second Equip single in the CURSEBREAKER ZERO line-up is phenomenal, and it sets the standards for this album higher than CEMETERY MOONGLOW has! I cannot wait for the full album to release this August!
    by Equip
    CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night) CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night)
    Chicago electronic artist Equip is back for a brand new era of dreamy videogame music with the single "CEMETERY MOONGLOW" and it is one of the most promising tracks for certain. Equip never fails to please with his dreamy synthwork and video game-like instrumentation. All hail Equip!
  28. 1 9 9 3
    Fanki ファンキー Fanki ファンキー
    Tupp's very first album isn't all too good compared to his smash hit 'To You Baby, With Love' which isn't bad at all. On its own, 1 9 9 3 stands out. Good stuff!
  29. Spirit Realm
    by Mac Bandit
    Cosmic Dreamers (ft. Quattro) Cosmic Dreamers (ft. Quattro)
    Everytime 'Cosmic Dreamers' comes on in the car I keep thinking it's Blank Banshee. Holy shit Mac, you knocked it outta tha' park here!
  30. I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky
    by Equip
    Identity Identity
    Equip's debut album is a great start for anyone looking to get into this Chicago electronic musician's catalogue. "I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky" is a seminal release for anyone looking to listen to more of the 100% Electronica catalogue.