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  1. Magnetic Islands
    by Commandant Coustou
  2. 7TET
    by Alex Grenier
  3. The Loire Valley Calypsos vs The Great Pink Flamingo
    by The Loire Valley Calypsos
  4. MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.4 - Bons baisers de France, tropical christmas night
    by MaAuLa Records
  5. MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.3 - Exotic Rendezvous
    by MaAuLa Records
  6. Oliba International
    by Oliba International
  7. Vagrant Unity Volume 1
    by Solace
  8. Rosna
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
  9. Derviche Safari
    by Des Lions Pour Des Lions
  10. MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.2 - Exotic Potpourri
    by MaAuLa Records
  11. The Eternal Return
    by IRFAN
  12. The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda
    by The Talbot Borthers of Bermuda
  13. Sudor y Arena
    by Passion Coco
  14. The Wrigglers - Mento Classics from the 50's
    by The Wrigglers
  15. Chalonnes Island
    by The Loire Valley Calypsos
  16. Calypso Madame ! - West Indian female singers 1954-68
    by MaAuLa Records
  17. MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.01 "Exotic Viennoiseries"
    by MaAuLa Records
    by Deya Dova
  19. LIFA
    by Heilung
  20. Through the Veil
    by SeeD