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  1. Upir/Forbidden Tomb
    by Upir
  2. Conspiring in Blood-Drenched Moonlight
    by Upir
  3. Peasant Revolt Against Tyranny: Vampyric Charity Rehearsal MMXX
    by Upir
  4. A Frigid Calling
    by Upir
  5. Frozen by Midwinter Snows
    by Celestial Sword & Upir
  6. Frostbitten Communion with the Eidolon of Night
    by Upir
  7. Howling of the Ageless Winds: Hymns for the Black Tapestry of Night
    by Upir
  8. Effigy for the Fiercest Frost - Shadows Dance in the Fires of Yule
    by Upir
  9. Shadow Kingdom
    by Chamber of Mirrors
  10. Unleashed From Chasm Depths
    by Abezethibou
  11. Godslastering: Hymns Of A Forlorn Peasantry
    by Hulder
  12. The Eternal Fanfare
    by Hulder
  13. Vampiric Coffin - New Vampiric Moon
    by Vampiric Coffin
  14. Evil's Incubation
    by HULDER
  15. Drýsildjöfull - Dýflissupaunk
    by Drýsildjöfull
  16. The Wails of Winter Resound Through Desolate Eternity
    by Nightmare Ecstasy & Celestial Sword
  17. Hexen Lied
    by Winter Lantern
  18. Umbrae Obscurae a Luna Allatae
    by Winter Lantern
  19. Castle Turing - s​/​t
    by Castle Turing
  20. Árias Sangu​í​neas
    by Sanguinária