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  1. Breathed Into Forms
    by Decoherence
  2. No Dawn For The Caliginous Night
    by Convocation
  3. as Blades in the Firmament
    by Monte Penumbra
  4. Vorant Gnosis
    by Verberis
  5. Vorant Gnosis
    by Verberis
  6. Adumbration of the Veiled Logos
    by Verberis
  7. Magna Lua Ordem Mística
    by Angrenost
  8. Vollmondprozession
    by Vollmondprozession
  9. Through Cosmic Corridors
    by Sxuperion
  10. Cosmic Void
    by Sxuperion
  11. Sulfuric Hatred
  12. Sacral Regicide
    by Eigenlicht
  13. Sacrum Funeral
    by Cultum Interitum
  14. E.P. III
    by Asphalt
  15. Tomb - The Dark Subconscious
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  16. Obsidian Wreath
    by Infant Island
  17. Master's Murmur
    by Yellow Eyes
  18. Hymns for the Redeification of Maize
    by Periodeater
  19. Catacombs
    by Pa Vesh En
  20. Extirpation Dirge