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Salvador Sandoval

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  1. Candy Jacket Jazz Band
    by Candy Jacket Jazz Band
    From Bop to Swing From Bop to Swing
  2. Friends Share Lovers
    by And The Kids
    Kick Rocks Kick Rocks
  3. Terrarium
    by Juliette Jade
    Killer Killer
  4. Chascade
    by Itzamna
    Chascade Chascade
  5. The Visitor
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Fairweather Friend Fairweather Friend
    So glad I found this artist/album, it's so mysterious and fresh Kadhja clearly has a formal musical background and she shines all throughout it!
  6. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
    Lowrider Lowrider
  7. Middling
    by The Finks
    Jamie's Got A Baby Jamie's Got A Baby
  8. Together, As One
    by Dinosaur
    Living, Breathing Living, Breathing
  9. The New Breed
    by Jeff Parker
    Here Comes Ezra Here Comes Ezra
  10. Pattern Integrities
    by Papadosio
    Each and Every Wave Each and Every Wave
  11. bloom
    by BATTERY
    peach juice peach juice
  12. Magic Machine
    by An Endless Sporadic
    The Departure The Departure
  13. At Once
    by The Most
    eaflat eaflat
  14. Drakkar Nowhere
    by Drakkar Nowhere
    Any Way Any Way
  15. IV
    Time Moves Slow (Feat. Sam Herring) Time Moves Slow (Feat. Sam Herring)
    Having not heard of these dudes till recently, I felt I missed out on something but I'm glad I found them. Chilled-out jazzy compositions with some very soulful singers and rapper featured. Nice.
  16. Newborn Sun
    by CHON
    Bubble Dream Bubble Dream
    I first heard CHON around 2011 and was instantly hooked! I love all their music not just for the sheer musicianship displayed, but also the taste and grace that this band shows with each song. They also are not afraid to take chances like adding vocals to two of their songs,(which are great) and have fun with the songs, which I enjoy the most! Their newest album, Grow, is easily one of my favorite albums of recent memory, and their us tour was awesome! Excited for what these guys will put out next!