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  1. In A Different Light
    by A Projection
  2. Don't Disturb My Waking Dream
    by The Holy Circle
  3. Tear
    by Korine
  4. Heap of Ashes
    by Sleep Party People
  5. Canary Yellow
    by Soft Kill
  6. Midheaven
    by Psychic Guilt
  7. Omenbringer
    by Missing
  8. Trichurch of Katehon
    by Monasterium Imperi
  9. Hadal
    by Pilgrims of Yearning
  10. Queen Of The Night
    by Vandal Moon
  11. Autonomy
    by Secret Shame
  12. Oh Death
    by Goat
  13. All Roads Lead Home
    by Mount Shrine
  14. The Infinite Void
    by Alphaxone
  15. Blackbraid I
    by Blackbraid
  16. The Shadow Self
    by The Flatfield
  17. Gold
    by Riki
  18. Hunger
  19. Therium
    by Autumn's Grey Solace
  20. Two Worlds Collide
    by October Burns Black