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  1. \\
    by JoJo Worthington
  2. Wriggle Out The Restless
    by This Is The Kit
    Spinney Spinney
    Beautiful, lonely, compelling and haunting.
  3. Thread of Gold
    by Hejira
    Joyful Mind Joyful Mind
  4. Awake The Light
    by Borrtex
    I came across this track in a video showing a rocket launch (true story: The images in that video -- the beautiful earth and the blackness of space -- make me cry; this track is such a perfect accompaniment.
  5. So Polite
    by Summer Salt
    Candy Wrappers Candy Wrappers
    It's been a long, long year. This album keeps me driving toward the end.
  6. Driving to Hawaii
    by Summer Salt
  7. Lula Wiles
    by Lula Wiles
    Lost Lost
  8. Devil's Diamond Memory Collection
    by Aloa Input
    Desert Something Desert Something
    Another brilliant album from a brilliant band. It's been too long since the last one, but I'm so glad it's here.
  9. Miss Universe
    by Nilufer Yanya
    Baby Blu Baby Blu
    I haven't heard such catchy, intelligent songwriting in a long time. Just (!) 17 tracks, but a metric ton of amazing.
  10. Oil and Water
    by Lemoncello
    Oil and Water Oil and Water
  11. Reflection of Youth
    by EERA
    Reflection of Youth Reflection of Youth
  12. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride) Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)
  13. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled
    by kathryn joseph
    the outtakes the outtakes
    Find a quiet spot, sit down, put on the headphones, and don't do anything else but listen to this album. Symptoms will include shivers, a rush of intense emotions, and the desire to see Kathryn Joseph live. No, YOU'RE weeping into your coffee, transfixed by this beautiful, heartrending music.
  14. Togetherness
    by Space Mountain
    All of Us All of Us
    Another day, another standout album from Space Mountain: heartfelt, intelligent, plaintive, acoustic songs that take you by the hand and simply don't let go.
  15. Kutiman - White Monkey EP (Vinyl/Digital)
    by Kutiman
    White Moneky White Moneky
    These are the grooves God would envy if She were an Acid Jazz fan. I don't know how you make music this catchy without divine intervention; I just know it happened.
  16. Melhor Do Que Parece
    by O Terno
    Culpa Culpa
    This is simply some of the most flat-out fascinating and catchy music I've ever had the good fortune to hear. Absolutely incredible.
  17. EARS
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Existence in the Unfurling Existence in the Unfurling
    Oh my god, this music is beautiful. It is artificial and organic all at the same time, and in the best possible way. I was hooked at the very first listen.
  18. 03.29.12 (16:51-18:14/21:48-22:23)
    by Peter Wolf Crier
    Stripped down and bare, leaving just the essentials: the drums, the guitar, the words, the voice. I could listen to this album forever.
  19. Monody
    by Marker Starling
    In Stride In Stride
    The groove. Oh my god, the groove comes straight out of the 70s: horns, strings, percussion, and on top of it all the organ and Mantler's/Marker Starling's cool, dry vocals.
  20. Woodstock
    by Heather Maloney + Darlingside
    Woodstock Woodstock
    BRB, grabbing a banjo and a flower to go follow these folks on tour. ❤️