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  1. clutter clearing (demos 2)
    by Harry Permezel
  2. Weird and Wonderful Demos (2014 - 2016)
    by Harry Permezel
  3. Who We Are
    by Lamorn
    This song is the textbook definition of earworm. It is glorious.
  4. Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 (Arranged for Three Cellos)
    by Brooklyn Classical
    An amazing arrangement of one of the most beautiful things humanity has produced.
  5. This Is How You Smile
    by Helado Negro
    Please Won't Please Please Won't Please
  6. Nostalgia
    by The Northern Lights
  7. City of Ghosts
    by Crockett
  8. self
    by postcard nowhere
  9. All That You Can Dream
    by Grant-Lee Phillips
  10. Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff
    by Grant-Lee Phillips
  11. Diamonds
    by Seba & Björn Berglund feat. Samuel Lancine
  12. Sparkling Waters
    by Mammatus
  13. Music For 18 Musicians
    by Steve Reich
    Music for 18 Musicians: Section V Music for 18 Musicians: Section V
  14. Feral / Absolute
    by Elder Island
    Feral Feral
    Slow, languid, knowing and just a little bit menacing. Absolutely hypnotic.
  15. Careful Of Your Keepers
    by This Is The Kit
  16. Prize
    by Rozi Plain
  17. Wolf Boy
    by YOUTH 83
    Safari Safari
    Atmospheric synth music that *looms* like clouds gathering overhead.
  18. Palace Of A Thousand Sounds
    by Whatitdo Archive Group
  19. Beautiful Blue Sky
    by Ought
  20. Mars etc.
    by Aloa Input
    Vampire Song Vampire Song
    A wonderful set of head-twisting, mind-blowing rhythms, catchy melodies, tight harmonies, weird (in the best sense) lyrics, and dazzling instrumentation. These folks have nationally important strategic reserves of talent on tap.