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  1. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled
    by kathryn joseph
    the outtakes the outtakes
    Find a quiet spot, sit down, put on the headphones, and don't do anything else but listen to this album. Symptoms will include shivers, a rush of intense emotions, and the desire to see Kathryn Joseph live. No, YOU'RE weeping into your coffee, transfixed by this beautiful, heartrending music.
  2. Togetherness
    by Space Mountain
    All of Us All of Us
    Another day, another standout album from Space Mountain: heartfelt, intelligent, plaintive, acoustic songs that take you by the hand and simply don't let go.
  3. Kutiman - White Monkey EP (Vinyl/Digital)
    by Kutiman
    White Moneky White Moneky
    These are the grooves God would envy if She were an Acid Jazz fan. I don't know how you make music this catchy without divine intervention; I just know it happened.
  4. Melhor Do Que Parece
    by O Terno
    Culpa Culpa
    This is simply some of the most flat-out fascinating and catchy music I've ever had the good fortune to hear. Absolutely incredible.
  5. EARS
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Existence in the Unfurling Existence in the Unfurling
    Oh my god, this music is beautiful. It is artificial and organic all at the same time, and in the best possible way. I was hooked at the very first listen.
  6. 03.29.12 (16:51-18:14/21:48-22:23)
    by Peter Wolf Crier
    Stripped down and bare, leaving just the essentials: the drums, the guitar, the words, the voice. I could listen to this album forever.
  7. Monody
    by Marker Starling
    In Stride In Stride
    The groove. Oh my god, the groove comes straight out of the 70s: horns, strings, percussion, and on top of it all the organ and Mantler's/Marker Starling's cool, dry vocals.
  8. Misfit's Jubilee
    by Jim White
    Sum of What We've Been Sum of What We've Been
    Jim White delivers awesome by the truckload. One of my favourite artists comes through again, and makes it look so damned easy in the process.
  9. Gone Fishin' EP
    by Abdominal
    New Abdominal and the Obliques == instant pre-buy. They're just that awesome.
  10. Don't b/w Waiting To Be Cool Again
    by Stuyvesant
    Don't Don't
    Intelligent. Punchy. Clever. They quote "Jessie's Girl", for all love. And none of it gets in the way of banging your head and throwing metal horns. It's the best pain I'm gonna feel all day.
  11. whole
    by kathryn joseph
    It has been too long since I've heard a new Kathryn Joseph song. Beautiful, dreamy, and utterly mesmerizing; I've just found the next song I'm gonna play through a dozen times straight.
  12. Younger Us
    by Japandroids
    Younger Us Younger Us
  13. Long Live Tragedy
    by Casey Hess
    beautiful beautiful
  14. Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin (single)
    by Snapped Ankles
  15. 1992
    by No_4mat
  16. Evergreen
    by Beth Bombara
  17. Gather, Form and Fly
    by Megafaun
    The Fade The Fade
  18. Club U
    by No_4mat
  19. Magic
    by Hairy Hands
  20. Reconnect
    by Germany Germany