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  1. Shepa
    by Mnemonic45
  2. Width of This Farewell
    by Boreal Painter
    Waiting Game Waiting Game
  3. Grudge
    by Mutilomaquia
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. Palm Mall
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  5. Everything In Decay
    by The Microgram
    Class release. Probably my favourite since 'Return to sender'. Thanks a lot.
  6. Романтика
    by Маяк
  7. Utopia + Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite
    by Moskva-Kassiopeya
  8. Liquid
    by CMD094
  9. I can't feel you here
    by K Λ T E - 恋
  10. Hypoesthesia
    by The Microgram
  11. SH40
    by Zuwe
    Distance Distance
    At first, I was a bit disappointed, because I expected more of dub techno tropes Zuwe has accustomed me to on his other releases. But after just a few listens I learned to appreciate what just a brilliant ambient release this is. It may appear simple, but there is lots to discover within and I'm very glad we got to know this side of Zuwe.
    Also, the presentation and quality of the physical is beyond excellent, as always with Hiraeth. Music and its embodment are worthy of each other in this case.
  12. A Figure of Speech
    by Thugwidow
    A Natural Conclusion A Natural Conclusion
  13. Brave Warrior
    by Sangam & Kid Smpl
  14. Map to Sanctuary
    by Sangam & Kid Smpl
  15. 023​/​024 - Romance Relic & Softie
    by DISPLAY
    Safe Haven (City Of Tears) Safe Haven (City Of Tears)
  16. Equinox
    by Electric Dreams
  17. Les K7 Francophones
    by Peter Sprinter
  18. LOVE 2022
    by Ross Khmil
  19. On Fermera Les Yeux
    by Moon Emo-ji
    Sore Stillness Sore Stillness
  20. Blue cat
    by 1-900-9099-CRY