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  1. Atlantis Rising
    by Crystal Blaze
  2. Welcome to the Neighbourhood
    by Greg U
  3. G_P | E P 3 | ECCO_FLEX
    by game_program
  4. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  5. Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers
    by Windows96
  6. Screams From The Cage
    by Rat Cage
  7. Stray Bullet EP.
    by Stray Bullet
  8. Anaglyph Tracks
    by Blitz Lunar
  9. G_P | E P 1 | T E L I D O N |
    by game_program
  10. Parent's Evening
    by Katie Pham & The Moonbathers
  11. 4monica
    by Gurgles
  12. Troubled Heart
    by Saif Mode
    by Cowtown
  14. Kannon
    by SUNN O)))
  15. Les abords du lycée
    by taulard
  16. "The Dreamcode"
    by Scientific Dreamz of U / Junior Loves
  17. Toucans 2
    by Toucans
    The bridge back home The bridge back home
    Most stuff is recorded in people's bedrooms nowadays so it's barely worth mentioning when something is a 'bedroom recording', but this is the genuine sound of stoned, 4 in the morning, playing guitar quietly but still scared you might wake the sleeping neighbours music, falling asleep in the chair you're recording in just as the sun comes up. Someone described Toucans' music as 'acid lullabies', that pretty much sums it up. Weird-fi folk / swirly '60s vibes with a downer side of fries...
  18. Tone Systems
    by XAM
    Lifer Lifer
    Debussy wrote candidly on how best to compose 'nature music'. His secret was to dodge sonic approximations of what is seen in nature, and to instead express the emotion it arouses. Modular synthesis can sometimes seem like a tool for arbitrarily mimicking a preconceived notion of tech and 'the future', but in Tone Systems it's just the flow of electricity guided by a gentle hand, as nature intended. The result revives the notion of 'pastoral' as an accurate label for modular synthesized music.
  19. Buff as Fuck
    by Transept
  20. Truck Month
    by SLUGBUG