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  1. Blasterpiece
    by Bear Ghost
  2. Sirens
    by Bear Ghost
  3. All Distortions Are Intentional
    by Neck Deep
  4. Hawaii: Part II
    by ミラクルミュージカル
  5. Diamond
    by Black Gryph0n (Gabriel Brown) & Baasik (Nathanael Brown)
    IMmortalized IMmortalized
    Yet another amazing album! Was looking forward to this ever since I heard Show Me What You Got, and upon hearing the full album, I was not disappointed. Especially with Immortalized, I didn't think I would feel a sense or nostalgia from listening to it!
  6. Skyward
    by Ponies at Dawn
  7. Tune Fortress
    by Hasan Abdullah (Composer)
  8. Between Worlds
    by Transcendental Orchestra
  9. Life's Not Out To Get You
    by Neck Deep
  10. RC88's Fighting is Magic Tracks
    by Stuart Ferguson
  11. Homeward
    by Vylet Pony
    Homeward Homeward
  12. Firepower
    by Teminite
  13. Inception
    by Teminite
  14. Uprising
    by Teminite
  15. Miscommunication
    by PrinceWhateverer
  16. Keygeneration
    by Dunderpatrullen
  17. Solidarity (In This Together)
    by PrinceWhateverer
    I feel that this song will become more relevant as the years go by, since the show is going to end in a few years, replaced with gen-5. Still, there will always be a “we” and an “us”. I might move on from the show, but this song will still remind me of the years of joy I got from the ponies and the fandom.
  18. Enigma
    by Ponies at Dawn
  19. Getting Stronger
    by Black Gryph0n (Gabriel Brown), Michelle Creber & Baasik
  20. IMmortal
    by Black Gryph0n (Gabriel Brown) & Baasik (Nathanael Brown)