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  1. Ghosts
    by The Necromancers Union
  2. Shadows & Blood
    by Undead Sex Ring
    Lavinia Lavinia
    Lavinia is absolutely brilliant live. <3
  3. Ritual
    by Masquerade
  4. Panic Paranoia
    by Masquerade
  5. Blood is the New Black
    by Masquerade
  6. demo
    by Masquerade
  7. Where Nobody Can Hear You Scream
    by Masquerade
  8. Demo 2018
    by Dead Cells
  9. Lucid Dream (Remixes) - EP
    by Hello Moth
  10. Shrouds E.P.
    by Shrouds
  11. Dark Shadows - Gothic Rock | Post-Punk | Industrial | Synth Wave 2018
    by Cleopatra Records
  12. Gothika: A Gothic And Industrial Mix For Your Lost Soul
    by Cleopatra Records
  13. Adrenaline
    by Rosetta Stone
  14. The Dark Box - The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection
    by Cleopatra Records
    by Occult Box
  16. The Unquiet Grave 2019
    by Various Artists
  17. Only Theatre of Pain (Original)
    by Christian Death
  18. Only Theatre of Pain (Remastered)
    by Christian Death
  19. The Block, The Stream, and The Key
    by Twitch
    Fuck With It! Fuck With It!
    It was definitely between "Fuck With It!" and "Wake Up!", but my inner elf rigger won out. Keep making ace noise, chummer!
  20. Seems Like Forever
    by Rosetta Stone
  21. Children On Stun - Echoes
    by Children On Stun
  22. Past Life
    by Melted Mirror
  23. Borderzone
    by Melted Mirror
    by Melted Mirror
  25. The Bela Session
    by Bauhaus
  26. Echoes in the Corridor
    by Altar De Fey
    Veil Of Death Veil Of Death
  27. The Insatiable Desire... For More
    by Altar De Fey
  28. The Night Watch
    by The Bellwether Syndicate
  29. DRIP
    by DRI HIEV
    Debris Debris
  30. Live at La Locomotive, Paris 2001
    by Psyche