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  1. QLD, Australia
  2. Punk
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  1. The Dwarves Free Cocaine
    by The Dwarves
    Free Cocaine (Lucifer's Crank Version) Free Cocaine (Lucifer's Crank Version)
  2. The Dwarves Must Die
    by The Dwarves
    Dominator Dominator
  3. The Dwarves Are Younger and Even Better Looking
    by The Dwarves
    The Crucifixion Is Now The Crucifixion Is Now
  4. Kingdom of Decay
    by Dead Girls Dont Say No
    Dead Girls Dont Say No Dead Girls Dont Say No
  5. Nothing (Cancerslug cover)
    by Robby Bloodshed
  6. Forward Without Motion
    by Vehemence
    There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion
    I've been listing to and following you guys since about 2006 when i first heard "the lords work" on some shitty little dvd release, that i can't even remember the name of now. But I'm glad that it was on that movie because if not i may of never found you guys and that would of been a very depressing future because you guys are the fucking shit \m/ Stay BRUTAL \m/ You guys could never disappoint, loved all of your previous releases and this one is rad as fuck! Cheers from Australia!