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  1. Get Lost
    by I Choose Izumi
  2. Mise En Place
    by OHAD TALMOR TRIO with Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki
  3. City of Mirrors
    by Dos Santos
  4. Live at Studio 4
    by Bartees Strange
  5. Ants From Up There
    by Black Country, New Road
  6. Negative Infinity
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  7. Satisfied?
    by Beat Up
  8. California Resort
    by Porridge Fist
  9. Die Große Aufgabe
    by Grimény
  10. Nonsense
    by A.M. Stations
  11. Soursob s/t debut LP
    by SOURSOB
  12. Henki
    by Richard Dawson & Circle
  13. Tobacco City, USA
    by Tobacco City
  14. Vol. I
    by Below the Stanchion
  15. Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy
    by Bartees Strange
  16. The Bitter Lay
    by Arch Garrison
  17. Lost In The Walled City
    by Arthhur
  18. Let's Go Piss In The Lake
    by Arthhur
    by Quiet Pterodactyl
  20. 樹海の空 Jukai no Sora
    by 緋乃◯カレーパン Hinomaru Kareipan