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  1. Marie Awadis - Una Corda Diaries
    by Marie Awadis
  2. Grenzwellen Fünf
    by Grenzwellen
  3. Grenzwellen Vier
    by Grenzwellen
  4. InTRO remastered & expanded
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
  5. Morceaux pour Piano
    by Luca Longobardi
    Untitled #16 - strings and eletronics edit (Bonus Track) Untitled #16 - strings and eletronics edit (Bonus Track)
    The album feels like a lonely moment! A moment to find your deepest emotion and mood to know what quality of life really is...
    Another beautiful gift of unique minimalistic music by the maestro Luca Longobardi 🖤
  6. Timeline
    by Luca Longobardi & Diego Guarnieri
    Timeline Timeline
    This little album is like a unique dream of floating sounds, noises and atmospheres! Can't descripe it better... Amazing job of two very special gifted artists! Congrats... I LOVE IT ❤️
  7. Variations Vol I
    by Jesse Woolston
    Leaves of Grass Leaves of Grass
    Brilliant deep atmosphere with a unique sound structure! Reminds me a little bit of the soundtrack "THE REVENANT".
  8. This Tree Is Made for Climbing
    by Philip Daniel feat. Shawn Williams
    For Her For Her
    Wonderful moments of soft, melancholic and also dramatic music with the beauty of piano and strings!
  9. ClarOscuro
    by Bruno Sanfilippo
    Luciana Luciana
    What a magnificient album! Full of emotional moments and wonderful fragile sounds of the beautiful instrument "piano".
    Great work Mr. Sanfilippo!
  10. Path
    by Diego Guarnieri
    Rising track with a great balance of contemplative ambient music and epic mood in the climax! Unique work...
  11. You'll See
    by Diego Guarnieri
    An amazing pearl of minimalism piano music with a wonderful touch of solo violin! Absolutely fantastic...
  12. 3 soundscapes in C
    by Luca Longobardi
    The Lake The Lake
    I'm in love with the detailed fade in and out of the organic sounds like the solo strings and different noises! Fantastic work in every part...
  13. Reflections #1
    by Klangriket
    The floating atmosphere in this track is unbelievable beautiful! Perfect ambient piano work of art...
  14. L'éternel (single)
    by Luca Longobardi
    A beautiful soft composition with a high contemplative mood of classical piano music!
  15. Air And Ice
    by Diego Guarnieri
    Edge Edge
    It's a masterpiece of contemplative music! An excellent combination of piano, strings and fragile soundscapes...
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  16. The Secret Lighthouse
    by Noemi Bolojan
    Noah Noah
    One of the most beautiful and dreamy piano album I ever heard! Thank you for creating this beauty...
  17. Holding On To Memories
    by Behind Clouds
    holding on to memories hurts the most when im alone holding on to memories hurts the most when im alone
    Breathtaking 2-track-album. Love the calm ambience of the minimalistic combination of piano and vocals! Great work...