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  1. Fagersta, Sweden
  2. Metal
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  1. Mystik
    by Mystik
  2. At the Gates of Mountains - Songs of the Pagan Land's
    by SIF225
  3. Gukumatz - Tezcatlipoca
    by SIF226
  4. Astarot ​​/ No point in Living - From Penitent Shadows... (Split)
    by SIF224
  5. Profetian om Dygden och Plikten
    by D Aphelium
  6. ...Of the Old Tree, Sigh of Light, Wind Sadness,Soul Mist...
    by Astarot
  7. Eclipsed Landscape
    by Astarot
  8. Profetian om Dygden och Plikten
    by d aphelium
  9. Profetian om Dygden och Plikten
    by d aphelium
  10. Gateway Microcosm
    by Astarot
  11. Rockin' In Rio
    by Zoom
  12. Misty Forest Promenade
    by Korouva
  13. Forest of Dead Stars / Frosty Valley
    by Astarot
  14. IV - Memoirs Of A Machine Girl
    by La Torture Des Ténèbres
  15. Ulcers Of Consciousness
    by Tomhet
  16. Nightmares In Damask
    by Tomhet
  17. Realm Of Sleep
    by The Embers Of Tara
  18. Aeon Of Extinction
    by Antelogos
  19. Plagis - Blood and Chaos -Sold out-
    by SIF114
  20. Astarot - Garden of Odyssey
    by SIF116