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  1. Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music : Live on the Invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs
    by SUNN O)))
  2. Empires Vanquished And Dismantled
    by Mystras
  3. Communion of The Nameless
    by Gråt Strigoi
  4. Around Your Grave I'll Light a Ring of Fire
    by Blood and Dust
  5. Me Oar
    by Toul en Ihuern
  6. Winternacht
    by Einsamkeit
  7. Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry
    by HULDER
  8. Fare Thee Well Battle Winds
    by Fen Walker
  9. Slow Change
    by Aisha Orazbayeva
  10. Body Void - I Live Inside a Burning House
    by Body Void
  11. INSREF
    by Toul en Ihuern
    Nev Nev
    From start to finish like the anguish of the wolf 🐺 hibernating in its lair. No veil will covet the angst and the aggressive canine yowls of Toul En Ihuern style of brutal DSBM dispersing strong ambient-experimental elements through the album with a Funeral Doom overtone. The personal-political lyrics adds a festering sting to the yowl of one France's Antifascist musicians! La Louve de Toul En Ihuern🤘🏽🖤🐺🖤🤘🏽.
  12. Anima
  13. In 1988 I Thought This Shit Would Never Change
    by Some Became Hollow Tubes
  14. Feast On My Body
    by Maryam Sirvan
  15. NPFO
  16. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
  17. Ressources Humaines
    by Déception
  18. Fleshlicker - Disquieting Matter (Undesirable-022)
    by Fleshlicker
  19. Herederos del Silencio
    by Etxegina
  20. Scongiuri
    Janua Inferi Janua Inferi
    Pulsating, ritualistic, clairvoyant, and dark. The production of Luciano and vocals/chants of Karyn are a masterful. this is an experimental masterpiece.

    I hope this project continues. There's a lot range and room to grow.