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  1. Filth Attack
    by scum
    Filth Attack II Filth Attack II
    Straight up Brutal Noisegrind. Fast, harsh, relentless, and unforgiving to your ears, eyes, and mind. It's Japanese so you know the flava:スキヤキ暑い!!!!
  2. Live At The Hive Collective
    by Garmr
  3. Drones From The Island Vol. 3
    by Garmr
  4. Belphegor
    by Off To The Races
  5. Ritual: Live at the Red Stoned Room
    by Garmr
  6. Drones From The Island Vol. 2
    by Garmr & Alex Mahaffey
  8. 覚醒 -Kakusei-
    by Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
  9. H a r m o n I c
    by Behind the Shadow Drops
  10. Aggression, Wickedness
    by Garmr
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  11. Stasis Confines, Action Conditions
    by Divtech
  12. Hungry Ghosts
    by Orphx
  13. Come, Deathless
    by Surachai
  14. Fetish Bones
    by Moor Mother
  15. Parasitic Skies
    by THE SWARM a/k/a Knee Deep In The Dead
  16. The Mosquito Control EP
    by ISIS
  17. Chapter One, Decade
    by Iron Sight
  18. gob (Reno 1991-1996)
    by gob
  19. Unintended Consequences
    by Divtech
  20. PRiMiTiVA
    by Low Leaf
    This 13 plus minute montage of noise, grind, guttural madness is the perfect soundtrack to my skateboarding-karate kick!! It's a mid- to late- 90's homage to powerviolence/noise era. The likes of Suppression, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Discordance Axis, Disassociate and Krazelic (pre-Iron Lung side project of Jon Kortland), etc would bow down to this madness. It's like Man Is The Bastard meets Bastard Noise in bunkhouse Canuck brawl with a twist of queerness!!!!! Fuckin' Grinddddddddddd!!!
  22. Harnessed To Flesh
    by OPERANT
  23. MAAFA (Demo 2017)
    by MAAFA
  24. To You Who Broke My Heart
    by Iron Sight
    Yellow Tulips Yellow Tulips
    This album is a landscape into a world of darkness. The macabre of the soundscapes with the devilish echoes from Hans gives us the total picture: a shadow hovering in a society in madness. This is a soundtrack to dementia and enmity. In other words, this guy is on the real. If your listening intuitively, you know what I'm saying. Only the hardcore mothafuckas knows what Iron Sight is Reppin'!!!
  25. Poem of Love ◇ Poem of Sadness
    by DoZzz
  26. Dead Body Fuck Party
    by Winter Wolf
    I saw these guys live in New York this past August. For a two piece, PUNK AS FUCK!! I remember a couple Bass guitar and Drum bands like Godheadsilo, Godstomper, and No comply to name a few. But these guys are full on blitzkrieg spazz attack live!!! This studio recording is sedate compared to their live recording!!! 10 times more PUNK AS FUCK!!
  27. Roots We Seek
    by Aaron Spectre
    Three O'Clock Rock Three O'Clock Rock
    From blitzkrieg breakcore and a brigade of metal riffs, the Drumcorps signature; we get a little bit of the roots, raggamuffin infused reggae sounds. Hence, Jungle. This shit is so lit that the song "Three O'Clock Rock" is my ringer. Professor Spectre has birth another hardcore metalcore infused genre that will probably be appropriated in a few years or the next generation. Hey, that's what masters do: create and inspire. Thanks for another creation Professor Spectre.
  28. Spit Blood
    by Divtech
    Discipline Is Not Enough I Discipline Is Not Enough I
    DIY digital Hardcore that skins the synapses. This dude got his shit down and he's unapologetically pissed off. From start to finish there was no shortage of angst, blistering breakbeats, wall of noise sampling, and angst dripping vocals to keep your attention span fulfilled. It's like Godflesh & Drumcorps had a younger nomadic brother ... oh, and he's queer! Like that matters!!! Mad Goathorns Divtech!!!