This is Brien Montgomery’s music collection on Bandcamp.
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  1. Luminiferous
    by High On Fire
  2. Bat Salad
    by High On Fire
  3. Into the Woods
    by Forest Evil
  4. L'appel du Vide
    by Space Coke
  5. Revelation: Sick Again
    by Buzzov•en
  6. Damned to Earth
    by Damned to Earth
  7. Doomed & Stoned in Canada (Vol II)
    by Doomed and Stoned Records
  8. Hollow
  9. Dawn Of Days
  10. Hail the Void
    by Hail the Void
  11. El Diablo Rojo
    by El Rojo
  12. Spliffripper
    by Spliffripper
  13. Frustrations In The Key Of Rust 12"
    by Fistula
  14. Fixed Ritual
    by Flood Peak
  15. Drug Trolley Blues
    by men of munga
  16. Tomorrow's Christmas Dream
    by Santa Sabbath
  17. Christmas Merry Christmas
    by Santa Sabbath
  18. Into the Yule
    by Santa Sabbath
  19. Santanaut
    by Santa Sabbath
  20. Santa Wears Boots
    by Santa Sabbath