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  1. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Early Works Early Works
    I went to Mexico once. It was hot. Made me forget about Canadian cold. So where does a Mexican band get off giving me shivers with their awesomely executed doom? HUH?! NO ONE MAKES ME SHIVER ANYMORE
  2. War Moans
    by Mutoid Man
    Wreck and Survive Wreck and Survive
    I was at a party the other day and I said to my friend "Why did Cave In turn into such pussies?" then Mutoid Man burst through the wall Kool-Aid style and slapped me with his horsedick in the face before giving me this album. Good party.
  3. Mareridt (Deluxe Version)
    by Myrkur
    Måneblôt Måneblôt
    *Emits high pitched squeal for new Myrkur* Wait...September?! *Emits death metal growl to give Tomas Lindberg an unstoppable erection*
  4. Presence (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    Eschaton Part II Eschaton Part II
    Always a welcome surprise with the direction this band takes. Getting the shivers that I felt with Isolate, excited to hear more
  5. Envoy
    by Below The Sun
    Cries of Dying Stars Cries of Dying Stars
    Can't wait for the new album, some great atmosphere here
  6. The Assassination of Julius Caesar
    by Ulver
    Rolling Stone Rolling Stone
    I will now stop pining for Perdition City 2
  7. Hexentrost
    by Degotten
    Raping Fire Raping Fire
  8. Obsidian Arc
    The Vestige of Thorns The Vestige of Thorns
  9. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
    Osiris Osiris
  10. Terminal Redux
    by Vektor
    Recharging the Void Recharging the Void
    Hype kinda makes me look the other way. Late to the party being said...

    God damn, motherfuckers. God damn.
  11. TYPE III (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    I need a table to flip because there's MORE MORSE CODE TO DECIPHER AT THE END uuhhggg why do mysteries be

    Really though I love the direction they took with this song
  12. The Great Filter (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    The Great Filter The Great Filter
    Prolific and talented. Like Deep Space rabbits.
  13. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Protection Protection
    Don't read the lyrics, you'll cry.

    The religious themes in this makes me wonder how many sex dreams ERR had about Jesus.
  14. Aurora Borealis
    by Aureole
    V: Hyperwarp [Alunar >> Borealis] V: Hyperwarp [Alunar >> Borealis]
    Like a fat, juicy, bloody, burger, but replace everything with a bleak landscape of nothing and cold, cold, cold.
  15. Rheia
    by Oathbreaker
    Second Son of R. Second Son of R.
    Don't piss off this woman.

    Or do if you want a prolonged, violent end.
  16. Samen
    by öOoOoOoOoOo
    Hemn Be Rho Ðie Samen Hemn Be Rho Ðie Samen
    I was worried that the poppy anthems of No Guts = No Masters (but dat kazoo) would be prevalent through the album.

    So the first track kicked my head in and I loved it.
  17. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
    Lake of Fire Lake of Fire
    Go ahead, get on some M and dance to this, please. Then make a video recording ;-)
  18. Non Paradisi (Secret Arcana)
    by GosT
    Through Thine Eyes Through Thine Eyes
  19. Nice.
    by Super Guitar Bros
    Diablo - Tristram Diablo - Tristram
    Every time I wonder if buying this was a mistake I look at their grinning fucking faces on the album cover and the thought goes away.

    It's weird.
  20. Aap Sahai Hoa
    by AkalStars
    This is what happens when you browse Imgur drunk on a paycheck and beer and decide to take a risk.

    It worked out well for what it is. Very chilled. I like it.
  21. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
    Vorel Vorel
  22. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    ..... .....
    Now I know what I'll be listening to for the next 42 days.

    Don't even think I'm joking.
  23. Spire (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    Crater Crater
  24. Alunar
    by Aureole
    IV: Crusade of NGC 5128 IV: Crusade of NGC 5128
    Because we're too young to explore the void and too old to explore terra.
  25. Resonance: Crimson Void
    by Mare Cognitum / Aureole
    Crimson Abyss: NGC 2238 Crimson Abyss: NGC 2238
    I like this because it led me to Aureole.

    I also like this because it shreds my face at times, but mostly leaves my face in existential wonder/dread
  26. Miserycorde
    by Oracles
    We, the Indifferent We, the Indifferent
    That Manson cover at 3:06...fuck yeah: BLEAAHG.
  27. Pale Dawn
    by Sun Worship
    Lichtenberg Figures Lichtenberg Figures
  28. Air
    by Astronoid
    Up and Atom Up and Atom
    It''m.....ha..ha...happy. What is this ... feeling...
  29. Elder Giants
    by Sun Worship
    Transneptunian (Infinite Gaze) Transneptunian (Infinite Gaze)
    Honestly, bandcamp won't let me listen to Pale Dawn for free anymore so out of spite I bought this. It's pretty good.
  30. The Uncanny Valley
    Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart) Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart)
    Me: I want some cool electronic music.

    Perturbator: No, you want a pound of MDMA up your ass. Have fun!
  31. try not to love everything you destroy EP
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
    try not to love everything you destroy try not to love everything you destroy
  32. try not to destroy everything you love
    by An Autumn For Crippled Children
    autumn again autumn again
    Metal Community: "We want the most depressing band you got"

  33. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
    Proton Lander Proton Lander
    If you could toke a joint with nothing between your insignificance and the cold void but a spacesuit, what would you be listening to?
  34. Pillars (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
    Orbiting Orbiting
    I've heard rumours about bands other than Mesarthim on this planet:

    Fuck 'em.
  35. Suffocate (Single)
    by Mesarthim
    Suffocate Suffocate
    Fuck. Yes.
  36. Hyperthrash
    by Nylithia
    F-22 F-22
    Just melt my face just melt my fucking face right now
  37. An Extraconscious Lucidity [Remastered]
    by Mare Cognitum
    Collapse Into Essence Collapse Into Essence
  38. No Image
    by GOLD
    The Waves The Waves
    Catchy and dark, perfect for when I'm sick of atmo black metal.

    Edit: one of the most solid and addicting albums I've listened to this year.
  39. Of Stone, Wind, & Pillor
    by Agalloch
    Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
    See, I live light, so I have all my music digital. Because I have never found a physical copy of this EP, I was forced to pirate it.

    Thank fuck they uploaded it so I can stop feeling guilty. Agalloch is a band that doesn't deserve pirating.
  40. Amissum
    by Chaos Moon
    Resurrection I Resurrection I
    Their last release was good, but not up my alley. The infusion of darker atmospheres really got me with this release.
  41. M
    by Myrkur
    Mordet Mordet
    Garm totally had/has a nostalgic hard-on for this entire album.
  42. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
    Abyss Abyss
    Good gods man, what have you done?
  43. New Bermuda
    by deafheaven
    Gifts for the Earth Gifts for the Earth
    Far less boring than Sunbather, almost as good as Roads To Judah.
  44. Behemoth
    by GosT
    Without a Trace (feat. Hayley Stewart) Without a Trace (feat. Hayley Stewart)
    If deadmau5, skrillex, The Kovenant and T-1000 all had a baby together, it would be GosT.
  45. The Serpent & The Sphere
    by Agalloch
    Dark Matter Gods Dark Matter Gods
    If you see Agalloch live with a full set, you may never be able to listen to them again in any other way.