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  1. The Hiding
    by Kacey Johansing
    Do You Want Me Do You Want Me
    The embers of the fire you made in the beach sand are at this exact moment glowing with the same dim brightness as the sunset.
  2. Tell LP
    by Tell
    I Remember I Remember
    A dark Robert Ashley sample is like hot fudge in another ice-cream-cool release from Costal Haze.
  3. Signals EP
    by Madeline Kenney
    Signals Signals
  4. Theory of Colours
    by Dauwd
    Unconscious Unconscious
  5. Everybody Works
    by Jay Som
    Baybee Baybee
    The feels so well crafted into this album are, coincidentally enough, the same things I feel realizing I'll get to be here for her Oakland homecoming show (in SF but W/E).
  6. Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn
    by Kyle Bobby Dunn
    Ending of All Odds Ending of All Odds
  7. Sour Songs
    by Trevor Wilson
    What Is It, Sariyah? What Is It, Sariyah?
    Ten or so years into basking in his idiomatic craft and I'm still sure Trevor Wilson is a conduit for that deepest inner world of music.
  8. For organ and brass
    by Ellen Arkbro
    Mountain of Air Mountain of Air
  9. Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do
    by Sons Of Kemet
    Play Mass Play Mass
    This record has more mythic polymeters than there are hieroglyphic uses of "black", and like Anubis judging you at death, Sons of Kemet know just where to find the seat of the soul: in your body.
  10. Michael Gordon: Sonatra
    by Vicky Chow
    Sonatra (Equal Temperament) Sonatra (Equal Temperament)
    You'd swear this was a player piano, or AT LEAST four virtuosic hands - Michael Gordon is a sadist, and Vicky Chow is a god.
  11. All My Circles Run
    by Sarah Davachi
    for voice for voice
  12. Coolin EP (2014)
    by MC Melodee
    Terrible Thing to Waste (prod. Cookin Soul) Terrible Thing to Waste (prod. Cookin Soul)
  13. Runnin' for the Ghost
    by Big Mean Sound Machine
    Seeing the Bigger Picture Seeing the Bigger Picture
    It's springtime in the land of the mammoth.
  14. Eden
    by Jonny Nash
    Ding Repair Ding Repair
  15. Notes of Funk
    by Notes Of Funk
    Type SQL Type SQL
    When this album dropped, so did all my tables.
  16. Mare
    by Christian Löffler
    Haul (feat. Mohna) Haul (feat. Mohna)
  17. When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired
    by Mothers
    Copper Mines Copper Mines
    This is what a live band should be.
  18. Shakara (1972)
    by Fela Kuti
    Shakara (Oloje) Shakara (Oloje)
    Big brass to get you off your ass.
  19. In The Lens
    Drop Canvas Drop Canvas
    Clatter-cracked glass splitting basement-window light into a lush rainbow haze.
  20. Spirit Canoes
    by Stag Hare
    To Coyoto to to Hop To Coyoto to to Hop
    Tongue-to-tab, the sea fills in the floor of a technicolor-moss-swaddled forest.
  21. Velvet and Bone
    by Stag Hare
    Mirror Mirror
    Electrorganitrance mycological master class.
  22. It's Immaterial
    by Black Marble
    Iron Lung Iron Lung
    Sometimes a drawn shade and overindulgence in wine and New Order are exactly the best thing for you.
  23. Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles
    by Andrew Weathers
    Palace of Air Palace of Air
    I frequently let Mr. Weathers bring my senses to the utopic spaces he finds, even -or especially- in the desert.
  24. Shrines
    by Hainbach
    Rosa Rosa
    Octave-springing laryngeal sequencing bringing yet new life to the storied kosmische sound.
  25. Ballads
    by Ashley Bellouin
    Bourdon Bourdon
    In intimate union with "music’s sole and noble purpose".
  26. Bloom
    by Beach House
    Myth Myth
    Overwhelming nostalgia for an experience you may never have even had.
  27. Life Of Leisure
    by Washed Out
    Feel It All Around Feel It All Around
    My hypothetical doctoral thesis on the foundations of chillwave will begin with a blissed-out listening of this record right here.
  28. DROOL
    by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
    let gO Of my egO let gO Of my egO
    Nnamdi is eighty dimensions ahead of the rest of us.
  29. Twinkle Echo
    by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland
    Purchased in honor of the day I cordoned myself off in my dorm room to frantically finish finals, while beloved Casiotone played cuts from this album on a stage 100 feet from my window.
  30. Not Even Happiness
    by Julie Byrne
    Follow My Voice Follow My Voice
    A soft, simple reminder that those who are closest pose the greatest devastation.
  31. Cause I Love You
    by Octo Octa
    Cause I Love You Cause I Love You
    "... lens-flared, high-stepping, turned on, turned loose."
  32. Far Away So Close
    by Cherushii
    Set You Free Set You Free
    In my life I harbor only a few earnest mortal regrets, and this album represents one of them. I wish I had been a bigger fan of Cherushii while she was still around.
  33. S/T EP
    by Tornado Wallace
    Singing Planet Singing Planet
    Marshaling a drumline tribe for all those moments in which ideal medicine would come in the form of motoring offbeat house.
  34. Vergers
    by Sarah Davachi
    gentle so gentle gentle so gentle
  35. The Midnight Sun
    by C Duncan
    Nothing More Nothing More
    Sensitive secular boys like me need lush choral records like this.
  36. and their Refinement of the Decline
    by Stars of the Lid
    Even If You're Never Awake Even If You're Never Awake
    Among fewer than a half-dozen records encountered ten or more years ago that I will, invariably, listen to once a week.
  37. The Tired Sounds of
    by Stars of the Lid
    Piano Aquieu Piano Aquieu
    Listening, still, I am vividly in the living room with my buddy Al, early evening with no lights on, looking out across an untouched acre of snow.
  38. Spent LP
    by Hugo Jay
    Spent Spent
  39. Rainforest LP
    by Aquarium aka 外神田deepspace
    Eternal Blue Eternal Blue
    DJ Hippo Tang is spinning some sick shit for the seahorse set with beats as continuous as that saltwater tank filter.
  40. Mango Peach LP
    by Buddy Love
    Oasis Oasis
    I'm all about these hazy claves and bird-whistle wrapped bass doublets – buy this for that friend/crush of yours who at night turns their living room into a 30-person dance club.
    Stand Your Ground (Feat. Tony Kim) Stand Your Ground (Feat. Tony Kim)
  42. Choose Your Own Adventure
    by Vanishing Twin
    Vanishing Twin Syndrome Vanishing Twin Syndrome
    The Korova Milk Bar put together one hell of a house band.
  43. Timber
    by Michael Gordon
    Timber, part 3 Timber, part 3
    The Simantra, non-pitched timber marimba, of the familiar timbre of trunk and cinder.
  44. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Marked For Death Marked For Death
    The Tori Amosness of this is just...
  45. Vague Response
    by Akasha System
    Caves Caves
    Nothing vague about MY response — these signals activate my groove detection circuits well beyond the dopeness threshold and I lurve it.