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  1. Watch it Burn
    Watch It Burn Watch It Burn
    this is a great idea...more Hip-Hop should be released on 7 inch in my to 400 is what it said...but it doesn't have a cover for some reason...the song is great tho and it's cool to have a 7 inch by blueprint. it's limited to 400 tho so if your wanting a copy jump on it cus it's 2 years later now and as far as I know they didn't make more copies.
    by PHARMA
    Relax Relax
    These guys don't remind me of anyone and I really like that part because music gets boring when everyone's copying each other.. pharma has a really unique approach to a hard-core punk type, thing. It's loud and abrasive... it will bother a lot of guys' girlfriends and male teens's gonna do its job in other words.. Detroit and Michigan in general has always had great punk bands so it's really no surprise when a band like pharma hits the scene ,but really it is nowdays..
  3. undress your feelings (demo)
    by Injured List
    My Wife Hates Police My Wife Hates Police
    I can't say enough about this. upon hearing it for the first time I was just blown away..i started it over a few times in a row till Bandcamp started prompting me to buy...wich I was gonna do anyway..i was turned onto this by the vocalist and he had sent me copies but I had to support too and be able to listen thru my Bandcamp app... be like me and buy a copy be great 👍
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  4. Injured List
    by Injured List
    hey it's me hey it's me
    im loving this. pure and raw rock n roll. thanks for recording it. i recommend everyone buy a copy!
  5. Knock Em Out
    by KRS-One
    another gem by the was 1992 when i first ran across krs one...i found a copy of "sex and violence" by bdp and his voice seemed so huge and loud and perfect.. you could hear the jamaican influence right away and it was such a pure and concentrated form of Hip-Hop compared to all the other watered down stuff I had been hearing at the time...bdp and krs one in general just sounded so good and so raw and so real..i was hooked and still am.
  6. Bundle Raps
    by Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog
    J My Man! J My Man!
    it's so great to hear my city repped on a record from r.l.d....bronze Nazereth reppin gun rule..gun rule is grand rapids Michigan. till this record I didn't know anyone else in gun rule that even knew about rld or high focus. this is great. thank you leaf and bronze!
  7. Peep the EP
    by BVA
    Friends Friends
    bva always does something that has a lot of meaning and that boom bap style a time when Hip-Hop seems to be dieing here in america at least it's a breath of fresh air to hear bva do it this way... gives some hope for the future of the culture and musical genre...
  8. Brothers of the Stone (Leaf Dog, BVA & Illinformed) - Return to Stoney Island
    by Brothers of the Stone (Leaf Dog, BVA & Illinformed)
    Duckits ft M.O.P. Duckits ft M.O.P.
    brothers of the stone do that old school boom bap style of Hip-Hop... sounds like something from new York in the later of my favorite Hip-Hop groups out there these days... Hip-Hop DRIPS from this album.. you can almost literally feel the culture behind it all. THANK YOU... to hear something like this come out after the nineties blows me away in a happy way.... really excited to own the new BVA record too ..glad it finally shipped haahaah
  9. Lex Neville
    by BVA
    bva back with the boom bap!!! it makes me happy when I hear this and the rest of the four owls and the brothers of the stone... makes me able to see that this music isn't gone... its just underground only now days...and in europe ahhahaahahahahh. the uk has Hip-Hop on lock and is holding it far as a favorite song... that's a bunk question you shouldn't have to answer.. its always gonna make us have to leave one behind...
  10. Eyes of a Miscarried Child
    by Corrosive Kids
    Bodies on the Highway Bodies on the Highway
    I love corrosive kids....the best way to hear em will be on record tho... I really need a copy of this 7"
  11. Burger Babes...FROM OUTER SPACE!
    by Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol
    thank you for finally pressing this!!!! ordered my copy today! EDIT**** my copy should arrive tomorrow... I've waited since the first one you guys released to have a physical copy...this makes me really happy
  12. A.A. (Back In Black ReNix)
    by Nixon & DJ Eminent
  13. Maybe
    by Strange U
  14. And Then...
    by Bukue One
    another great album by Bukue one...i saw him live about ten or eleven years ago and it was hype... definatly support and buy a copy...for true Hip-Hoppers
  15. Between Da Protests [EXTENDED EDITION]
    by KRS-ONE
    Don't Fall For It Don't Fall For It
    Here we go again!! the teacher bringin it raw and real...22 albums later... still powerful. buy a copy... the best way to support besides going to the shows...wich aren't happening these days.
  16. Black Dialogue
    by The Perceptionists
    Let's Move Let's Move
    the perceptionists were special. real and tuff Hip-Hop...
  17. Crooklyn Dodgers 4
    by Thirstin Howl III, Indigo Phoenyx, Daddy-O
    Crooklyn Dodgers 4 (Acapella) Crooklyn Dodgers 4 (Acapella)
    oh wow... this is nice to hear... You never know these days with a Hip-Hop release but seeing Daddy-O's name definitely led the way in this situation. good job you guys. and to everyone else buy a copy if you dig it...ya gotta support your favorite music
  18. From My Hood 2 U
    by @professordaddyo (Daddy-O of Stetsasonic)
    Stress featuring R. A. The Rugged Man Stress featuring R. A. The Rugged Man
    great to see this! i was bummed to hear the last stuff with the beef with m.f. doom starting it out..i don't know what that was about but R.I.P doom and thanks for the new music daddy-o. missing stetzasonic so this is cool
  19. Hell or High Water
    by Tame One
    i love seeing the cheech wizard on the cover...i completely missed this one until just now
  20. Thought Grenades (single)
    by Corrosive Kids
    stu...are you really selling the music and not sharing with the other members? how's that working out for ya? how's the karma so far?😉