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  1. No Time Left
    by Enervate
    No Time Left No Time Left
    really loving the raw energy and overall sonic experience of this kick ass little ep straight out of the 414!
  2. Tropics & Rec
    by nyt heat
  3. Sea-Shell Felonies
    by CRLSS
    Art Star Art Star
  4. King of Nothing
    by Supertentacles
    The Last of the Salamander Kings The Last of the Salamander Kings
    Airy, light, & a lovely melody driven dream pop album. Swirling synths, compliment bridges as well as other transitions to A punctuate a specific instrument reminiscent of Paul Cherry
  5. Rufus
    by The Big Net
    I am Big Fan of the Big Net! Be sure to listen to their full length debut on saddle creek “in service of the song.” A stellar collection of phenomenally written romanticized ridden alternative dream pop camp fire songs. I say that in the manner of which the way Kevin’s writing has the ability to feel so intimate, well paced, and confident.
  6. Treeminder
    by Treeminder
    Reminds of me of “The world is a beautiful place & I am no longer afraid to die.”
  7. Mythological Beauty
    by Big Thief
  8. Certainty
    by Big Thief
  9. Milpool
    by Josh Evert
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  10. Over the Sound
    by Vanity Plates
    Lovely tune
  11. Cherry Pie
    by Astronaut Husband
  12. Little Things/Sparrow
    by Big Thief
    This must be the industry standard post quarantine release schedule I see? Many artists (the Bronx) not to name names but shouldn’t there be a limit as to just how many actual separate singles releases pertaining to a singular upcoming album prior to the official release date be allowed? Perhaps a single or two but bands have been dragging this shit out like every song they release is a hit worthy of its own release. “Change” is the only qualify song from this album. Perhaps “Sparrow.
  13. Solo Trip
    by Atma
    Hold My Coat Hold My Coat
    A trickle of genius down my spine; (the same of which I experienced listening to my first handful of Conor Oberst, Moldy Peaches, and Keaton Henson songs. Yes, perhaps recorded with a lo fi approach, nonetheless the recordings serve the songs amazingly well; making for an even more intimate listen. Almost as though you’re in the same room as Atma.
  14. SAKAI 酒井氏 (w/MCTR)
    by skypierr
    Excellent collaboration
  15. TEARS
    by skypierr
  16. Change
    by Big Thief
    Next level musicianship! According to the linear notes on bandcamp for their Double full length; this song was recorded in one take!
  17. PAINT
    by Alex G
    Sleeping Sleeping
    Thanks for sharing these early tunes! Loving them!
  18. EASY
    by Alex G
    I Wait For You I Wait For You
    I’m snagging these releases while they are available! Can’t seem to find them on other major streaming platforms 🙃
  19. postmortem
    by Garden Home
    uprooted uprooted
    gHome really serves up an offering of deafhaven esque riffs, transitions, and vocal acrobatics up there with the likes of “Underoath”or”Dance Gavin Dance (minus the choir singing) yet w/ an injection of “Brand New’s” chord haunting.EPgives me the feeling I had the first time I listened to Thursday’s “Full Collapse.” Specifically the song “understanding” (in a car crash) just this is truly relatable because it’s Milwaukee’s urgency and tension that is the underlining mu
    You have got my attention , wow wasn’t expecting such an eclectic approach in this “Spoon esque” almost more like the other project “divine fits” the way it staggers and haunts, taunts, and teases. Underlining with a dash of country and I say this in a good fucking way.
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