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  1. What Cheer, Iowa
  2. Metal
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  1. Night of Eternal Darkness (NP-XIII)
    by Mäleficentt
  2. Wolf Howl, Blood and Nightfall
    by Vampyric Desolation
  3. Old Nick - No Solace In Sunlight
    by Old Nick
  4. Carnivale
    by Hoarder of the Black Mill
  5. Scenic Railway
    by Scenic Railway
  6. Out of the gramophone came a grasshopper
    by The Fiddling Grasshopper
  7. Roots and Tunnels
    by Olde Fox Den
  8. Covered Bridges
    by Covered Bridges
  9. Knitted Village
    by Knitted Village
  10. Goose Mother
    by Goose Mother
  11. "Just a day in the web"
    by Albert The Spider
  12. Welcome Home
    by Hobbit Hole
  13. To The Dwarven Tavern
    by Wanderlook
  14. Good Old Fashioned Village Life
    by Mushroom Village
  15. Strawberry Fields
    by Mushroom Village
  16. Lightbringer-Leidbringer
    by Wallfahrer
  17. Evil Witching Black Metal
    by Vaamatar
  18. Demo I&II (Compilation)
  19. Hélas ! Je n'étais pas fait pour cette haine...
    by Dëgénéréscence
  20. Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Tekipûk
    by His Wounds