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Ryan Schmidt

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  2. Experimental
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  1. Epistulae
    by Samn Johnson
  2. Seven Sacred Names
    by Michael Harrison
  3. Dark Days
    by Scott Wollschleger & Karl Larson
  4. holobiont
    by Maddi Baird
  5. The Reinvention of Romance
    by Sarah Hennies
  6. Greet the World Every Morning with Curiosity and Hope
    by Daniel Rhode & Adam Cuthbert
  7. Mine Is The Heron
    by Tom James Scott
    Redwoods Redwoods
  8. Hello
    by KittehLoaf
    【 V A P O R W A V E】 【 V A P O R W A V E】
  9. This Isn't You (EP)
    by Tyler Neidermayer
    col(lapse) col(lapse)
  10. Dreemer
    by Jonathan Fulk
  11. The BQE
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Movement II—Sleeping Invader Movement II—Sleeping Invader
  12. 5
    by Schnellertollermeier
    Before and After Before and After
  13. Shelter in Space
    by Gyan Riley
  14. Till kroppen
    by Mika Akim
  15. Book of Travelers
    by Gabriel Kahane
    Model Trains Model Trains
    This album inspired me to get my piano chops up. I love contemporary classical music as well as folk music. I hear so much of both of these in this album. It’s such a great portrait of America and our music.
  16. Borealis
    by John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher
  17. Have You In My Wilderness
    by Julia Holter
    Sea Calls Me Home Sea Calls Me Home
  18. it comes in waves
    by Samn Johnson and Gloria Yehilevsky
  19. Brightest Threads
    by Luke Carbon
  20. there is no Other (with Francesco Turrisi) Deluxe Edition
    by Rhiannon Giddens