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  1. Thuggin Since '77
    by Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre
  2. Show Me The Blueprints.
    by Days N Daze
  3. A Juvenile Product of the Working Class
    by Swingin' Utters
  4. The Panty Raid
  5. Bold And Thrash
  6. Don't Mess With TexXxas
  7. Path of the Weakening
    by Deeds of Flesh
  8. Serpents of the Nile
    by Scarab
  9. Ancient Egypt
    by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
  10. Akhet
    by Nekhen
  11. Entering the gate of the western horizon
    by Nekhen
  12. Fall The Night
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  13. The Invocation
    by Attic (Ván Records)
  14. First Ditch Effort
    by NOFX
  15. Left Coast Punk EP
    by MxPx
  16. Demos Collection, Vol. 1
    by MxPx
  17. Contempt
    by Couch Slut
  18. Sanctimonious
    by Attic
  19. In Dwarven Halls
    by Khazaddum
  20. Plagues Upon Arda
    by Khazaddum