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  1. Quintessence
    by Marketa Irglova, featuring Emiliana Torrini and Aukai
    A beautiful song and having heard it I couldn't resist.

    I moved her other two albums up to the front to keep them together.
  2. ANAR
    by Marketa Irglova
    Marketa's debut solo album. Involving, laid back and enjoyable.

    No digital album option with Marketa's music but well worth the money for the digipack. You do get the download once you buy the CD.

    The CD packaging is beautiful though and arrived signed (as requested) and with a hand written thank you note.
  3. MUNA
    by Marketa Irglova
    Marketa's second solo effort. Different to the first and for me at least, preferrable. Still laid back but involving. A little like Enya in places.

    No digital album option with Marketa's music but well worth the money for the digipack. You do get the download once you buy the CD.

    The CD packaging is beautiful though and arrived signed (as requested) and with a hand written thank you note.
  4. Fire by the Silos
    by Toska
    Prayermonger Prayermonger
    I was watching a YouTube video where they were building a pedalboard for Rabea. Some of the sounds were really awesome but what really caight my eye (ear really) is when they got Rabea to play the video out with a track called Prayermonger. Have a listen, great instrumental metal.
  5. Tubular Bells - A Minor Tune (with Les Penning and Tom Newman)
    by robert reed
    A Minor Tune (Tom Newman Mix) A Minor Tune (Tom Newman Mix)
    If you love Mike Oldfield, as Mr.Reed certainly does, it's worth a listen.
  6. By the Light of the Dark Moon
    by Ayla Nereo
  7. Grinding Gears
    by Rabea Massaad
  8. COMPLETE Singles 2CD
    by Magenta
    Wonderous Stories Wonderous Stories
    A brilliant album. Has many potential favourites for me but on balance I think their version of Wonderous Stories is my stand out track.

    Call Me and the Lizard king are close runners up and there are other brilliant tracks on here too.
  9. Revolutions
    by Magenta
    The White Witch: iv) Reflection The White Witch: iv) Reflection
    Another great Magenta album. Very like Yes in places but this doesn't take away from great music and a polished performance. Besides this is only a small part of the album and they do have their own unique sound and character.

    It was very difficult to choose a favourite track and this may change.

    Buy this album, you won't regret it.
  10. The Twenty Seven Club
    by Magenta
    I saw a video for 'The Lizard King' on YouTube and fell in love with it. I looked for the track and found it was on this album so I bought it.

    The album is absolutely stunning. Prog with hints of Yes and Asia but also with intimate female vocals and a style all it's own.

    This is a great album and is wholeheartedly recommended.
  11. The Lizard King E.P.
    by Magenta
    I saw a video for 'The Lizard King - single edit' on YouTube and fell in love with it. I looked for album the track was on but also felt the need to buy the E.P. which gives the single edit, an acoustic version, etc.
  12. Chameleon
    by Magenta
    I had to get some more Magenta and this is another great album.

    Unmistakably Prog they have a sound which draws you in. The electronic parts and guitars contrast somehow with Christina's simple and honest vocal style.
  13. Beneath The Waves
    by Kompendium
    A concept album project by Robert Reed. It features some great and varied music and some great musicians. Steve Hackett makes an appearance as well as members and ex-members of a few bands you may have heard of such as Nightwish and King Crimson to name a couple. Lilly is probably my favourite track and has Angharad Brinn on vocals. Drums are provided by Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree which can never be a bad thing.

    The use of pipes throughout also gives it a real Celtic feel.
  14. Willow's Song E.P.
    by Robert Reed
    Willow's Song Willow's Song
    Always loved Willow's Song since hearing it in the original Wicker Man film. This version is one of the best I've heard (I don't normally like versions other than the original film) and Angharad Brinn's vocals are wonderful. The other music is also very good and sounds a lot like Mike Oldfield. The EP Disk has tracks on which aren't in the download and I got a free Promo disk which I wasn't expecting. All in all great music and great value.
  15. Robert Reed : Promo Sampler
    by robert reed
  16. Chi Mai E.P.
    by robert reed
    I always loved a lot of Ennio Morricone's work from the Clint Eastwood westerns onwards and Chi Mai is just magical. I thin I prefer the original orchestral version but 2020 Ditty is brilliant too.
  17. The Final Breath Before November
    by Edison's Children
    Light Years Light Years
    Prog rock from New York. Slightly poppy in places and sounding very Marillion like in others. But it is very involving and the more you listen the better it gets. This is fast becoming one of my favourite Bandcamp finds.

    The more you listen, the better it gets.
  18. White Light Generator
    by Crippled Black Phoenix
  19. New World (Deluxe Edition)
    by Dave Kerzner
    Stranded (Pt 1-5) Stranded (Pt 1-5)
    This is a classic progressive rock album. Almost an album out of time. It has a style all it's own but, apart from the change in style, if Floyd had released this nobody would have batted an eyelid.

    It sounds like the work of a very seasoned band, comfortable with their style and abilities.

    This album grabs you from the start and takes you on a journey. No wonder it forms part of so many peoples collections.
  20. English Electric: Full Power (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    Swan Hunter Swan Hunter
    I first saw this on a forum I'm a member of and on other peoples profiles (thanks Steve) and just had to listen.

    British prog which reminds me in parts of Peter Gabriel era Genesis. This isn't all there is though. They have a sound unique to them and it is difficult not to get get caught up in the music.

    I'll be looking at some of their other stuff.

    A must for all classic prog fans.