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  1. Ennio's Muse
    by Whitelabrecs
  2. A Room Now Empty
    by Aaron Martin
  3. Prism
    by Western Skies Motel
  4. Close to Home
    by Ben Powell
    I reserve special words only to be used on occasion; Exceptional, Magical, Master, Virtuoso. I present all of these to Ben Powell and his release, 'Close to Home' This is one of the finest recordings of a guitar and its musician propelling music from it, that I've ever heard. Pure perfection at its finest. Lush, articulate, moving renditions of beautiful compositions. ~ Russell
  5. Blues for Your Brother
    by Homeless Balloon
    Absolutely engaging from start to its end!
  6. New Moon
    by Homeless Balloon
  7. Dream Away - EP
    by Homeless Balloon
    An absolute delight to hear. Upbeat, sunny, happy...a positive vibe to the whole ep. Love it!
  8. Round And Around - EP
    by Homeless Balloon
    This is a real stand out release by Homeless Balloon. So perfect are the deep moving tones and production. A 10!
  9. Walking On Clouds - EP
    by Homeless Balloon
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  10. Behind the Mask
    by Homeless Balloon
  11. The Future of the Past
    by Homeless Balloon
  12. Roses Are Dead
    by Homeless Balloon
  13. I Remember His Voice
    by Homeless Balloon
  14. Four Forty-four
    by Homeless Balloon
    Exceptional composing with stellar production through and through...
  15. Piaf's Boyfriend
    by Tess Said So
    ...a change of clothes, a beverage poured, a comfortable sinking into your favorite chair...with your headphones in place, you drift into unknown worlds of sonic bliss...tones, textures and melodies envelope you, as you embrace your lovely stroll through a fairy forest...
  16. Communication
    by Max Ananyev
    An aural cornucopia of vast proportions. At times, one feels as though you've joined up with the 'March of the Crickets!' It's a release that's as light and airy, as it is alien- esque. A truly marvelous display of music for hear, here. ~ Russell
  17. Gesture & Texture
    by K. Novotny
    ...a compelling sonic much rich, tonality and aural texture here to escape into...let the tones envelope you, allowing their abduction of you, taking you to a far away land, even if it's just for a day...
  18. Dyrholaey
    by Thomas Méreur
    Have you heard the words, "enigmatic, magical, transparent?" They all apply here...'Dyrholaey' captures you from the opening, placing you within the warmth of its cocoon. An album possessing something rare, a visual aspect to the music. You go on visual journeys, as the songs sonic, nuances, gracefully caress your ears. 10 is not a high enough rating...a valuable gem! ~ Russell
  19. For You
    by Grace Pitts
    A little precious jewel of a release...Grace succeeds here in delivering to us the ultimate 'grace' in tone, lyric, heart and texture...Thank you Grace!
  20. Mine Is The Heron
    by Tom James Scott
    An absolutely transporting album in every go far, far away to never, never land...almost never to return. Gorgeous!