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  1. The Sound Of Music EP
    by Hieroglyphic Being
    Other Side Of Time Other Side Of Time
  2. Creaking Haze & Other Rave Ghosts
    by Assembled Minds
    Morris Horror Morris Horror
    Half remembered images of a rave in a field in the middle of nowhere and to time, caught in a loop, is it a dream?
  3. Woodland Walk
    by CukoO
    Conkers Conkers
    It's strangely strange but comfortingly playful.
  4. It's Cosy Inside (Remastered)
    by Woo
    The Purple Pussy The Purple Pussy
    In a world of it's own. A timeless cocoon.
  5. The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation
    by The Veldt
    Sanctified Sanctified
    Gushing glorious rush of sound. imagine if Arthur Lee was in the Jesus and Mary Chain.
  6. The Disco's Of Imhotep
    by Hieroglyphic Being
    The Disco's Of Imhotep The Disco's Of Imhotep
    Beats 'n' synths from the dark side of Saturn.
  7. Palmbomen II
    by Palmbomen II
    Carina Sayles Carina Sayles
    Beats adrift on an uneasy dream.
  8. Romantic Psychology 1
    by Levantis
    Jamaican Greek Style Jamaican Greek Style
    There's necromancy at work here. Secrets to tell.
    by Giant Claw
    DARK WEB 008 DARK WEB 008
    Lost in an alchemists web of fleshy information nodes.
  10. We'll all go riding on a rainbow
    by The Caretaker
    We'll all go riding on a rainbow We'll all go riding on a rainbow
  11. A stairway to the stars
    by The Caretaker
    We cannot escape the past We cannot escape the past
  12. Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom
    by The Caretaker
    The haunted ballroom The haunted ballroom
  13. The Vertical Axis
    by Ian Crause
    Foreign Land Foreign Land
    Ian casts a jaundiced eye over society while conjuring up a sampladelic fx storm cut through with his lazer sharp guitar.
  14. (Strange Life SLR003) Cultus Island
    by Klaus Weltman
    I Can Look Into Your House I Can Look Into Your House
    A spooky soundtrack for yr lugholes from Danny Wolfers (Legowelt bloke), that I could describe as hauntological but won't. Anyway it's atmospheric stuff...dunno if Mr Wolfers did more music in this manner but I'd like to know if he did.
  15. Bourgeois Kerb Stomp
    by Splashy the Blame-Shifter, Lenina and Ship Canal
    The Stigma of Drinking Alone The Stigma of Drinking Alone
    Scree for yr lugholes.
  16. I Am On Your Side
    by Northerner
    Hey Come On, It's Love Hey Come On, It's Love
    As some other northerner says "Durutti Column meets Arthur Russell with faint echoes of Basic Channel". Yeah, I'll have some of that. Beats like skipping stones on water and guitar like sunlight through a canopy of trees.
  17. They Shook Hands For Hours
    by Fieldhead
    Of October Of October
    Low clouds viewed through fly specked, dusty windows. The room lit by the light from a break in the clouds.
  18. Man To Man Bacon Swapping
    by Daniel Baker
    Womens Prison Womens Prison
    Muggy. Fuggy. Hazy. Bleary. Coffee cup stuck to the coaster. I didn't notice that.
  19. Sensory Margin
    by Norm Chambers
    Luminous Technology Luminous Technology
    A glide over a soft lit landscape. Gently exhilarating.
  20. Applied Music Vol.1 - Science & Nature
    by Café Kaput
    Nucleus & Nib Nucleus & Nib
    Flickering images in a darkened room, sense of wonder.
  21. Xenon District
    by Panabrite
    Celestion Celestion
    Levitating through layers of gaseous glows.
  22. The Fall Into Time
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
    Blue Drive Blue Drive
    Vertical lift over mosaic of lights.
  23. The Norman Tapes
    by Guenter Schlienz
    Vindefontaine La Nuit Vindefontaine La Nuit
    World about us with a strange glow.