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  1. Exquisite Corpse
    by Roxanna Walitzki
    C'est l'extase langoureuse C'est l'extase langoureuse
    Sometimes hard to listen to, the Operatic acts conjure up a scene of ballet dancers darting around the stage portraying the story and emotion of the acts. While others instil the love of Opera within me as I listen to the EP with the intrices of the vocals & notes.

    With more development Roxanna Walitzki could impose an impact on the Opera scene and be as almost as influential on society & culture as Puccini.
  2. Home
    by Ginger Ale & The Monowhales
    An upbeat & off the beaten track from their usual outing.

    Home projects that the song is about going away enhancing experiences and getting drained via home sickness, loneliness while all the time giving the impression that Home is where the heart is meaning you can be in a different place and still feel like being at home.

    A bit like this song Home; a diversion away from their usual material yet I feel I'm still with the same band with their passion and quirky inspirational sing along on the subway.
  3. Calm Places - EP
    by Natalie Holmes
    Immune To It Immune To It
    I came across Natalie Holmes by chance as her artwork caught my eye & now I'm here writing this review listening to her voice & melody; pondering how I can describe Holmes who projects passion, has a voice that seduces the listener & makes the listener fall in love with her, the vocals, the melody & harmonies work together so good that I can be compare the feeling to the listener that listening to Natalie is like making love to someone that they can open up to & let the emotions flow.
  4. Glow from Detroit (Single)
    by Blanche
    Glow From Detroit Glow From Detroit
    If you're about to do something courageous & daring; you *need* this tune that delivers you the power up of strength and energy of invincibility, the energy to go out on a night out when you've done something stupid the night before.

    Overall: The beats and gothic overtone give this tune an edge to pick up any nervous person and give them the enrgy to overcome their anxiety and progress onto the future. Loving it.
  5. Perte d'identité
    by Marie Davidson
    Shaky Leg Shaky Leg
    The sensual sound of electronic beats & symphony all the time pulsating in the background stirring the senses while her voice flickers and pulses in and out in a rhythm that sends a slight hypnotic trance to your senses.

    Overall a wonderfully composed & thought out album.
  6. Moving on
    by Salma
    A bit quirky hmm...a bit like Marmite you either love it or you hate it. Maybe it's the recording however it sounded tiny & not much thought process went into the production of it. However room for improvement & has potential.

    So overall I'm underwhelmed however I purchased it to fund the artist in the hope they improve.
  7. Le temps est bon - Remix E.P.
    by Degiheugi
    Le temps est bon (Remastered) Le temps est bon (Remastered)
    Le Temps est bon: The fresh beats, the French vocals creating an image of Spring Time in Paris, the melodies smoothly created and change over with ease, a pleasure to listen to.
  8. Robert Johnson
    by Moodswing x Cappo x Flu
    Robert Johnson (Vocal) Robert Johnson (Vocal)
  9. Good Impression
    by Pink & White
    Strawberry Girl Strawberry Girl
    The addictive melodies wanting to move your body to the beats with the American type voice of the indie binds selling you a picture of pleasure & compassion. While the guitars are subtle in the background. This is a demo so the sound quality isn't that refined however this just adds to the album.
  10. Clouding
    by Beachglass
    Stranger Stranger
    The rough guitar sounds, the soothing voice with that accent & passion takes me back to the sunny days of summer without a care in the world, this album is a worthwhile purchase. I'm lost for words to describe the feeling when I'm listening to this, its unique in sending shivers up my spine; glad I discovered this.
  11. Christy Nava - Come To Me
    by Nicholas Lefler
    Christy Nava - Come To Me Christy Nava - Come To Me
    I love sipping a cup of tea staring out window listening to the vocals, and hearing the tunes just floating out into the room. Absolutely produced and the singer a joy to listen to.
    by Myrkramakt
    Kælan Mikla I - Ekkert nema ég Kælan Mikla I - Ekkert nema ég
    I purchased this album as it takes me back to the good old days of punk and the aggressive sound of that Era. The lyrics are sung with passion & suitable for the melody overall if you have to buy one this is the one you have to buy.
  13. Splintered Arms
    by Liyv
    A warmth sense of well being being pumped into your body via your ears; the elegant voice of an artistic singer sits with warmth while the harmonies stir emotional memories & love.
  14. Back Yards EP
    by TENTS
    Back Yards Back Yards
    A rough / indie sound that used to be heard in the Brits in the 90s making a welcome comeback to reintroduce the fact that bands & musicians had to work to get into the music industry by coming up with inspirational melodies, vocals and songs that meant something. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful
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