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  1. Past Failures
    by A-E
  2. Like Dust On My Eyes
    by A-E
  3. Composition 4
    by A-E
  4. Summer of 2000 B.AI.
    by Brainwaltzera
  5. CATalysis 猫媒
    by Merzbow
  6. 2022 - Y Gododdin (LP)
    by The Wolves of Avalon
  7. Bleaklow (Remastered Edition)
    by The Stranger
  8. We, so tired of all the darkness in our lives
    by Leyland Kirby
  9. Everywhere, an empty bliss
    by The Caretaker
  10. The Death Of Rave (Additional)
    by V/Vm
  11. The Death Of Rave (The Source)
    by V/Vm
  12. Royal Wavetable Mellodies & Old TDKs
    by Brainwaltzera
  13. Fuck The Tories (Single Mix)
    by The Kunts (feat. Terry Edwards)
  14. Fuck The Tories (Armagortion Metal Mix
    by The Kunts (feat. Armagortion)
  15. Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce (Single Mix)
    by The Kunts
  16. Monuments Of Void
    by Dystopian Dread
  17. Elegy
    by Clandestine
  18. Smile When You're Dead/Grindwork rehearsals 1994
    by The Rare Nasum
  19. Earliest Recorded Rehearsals 1992
    by The Rare Nasum
  20. World In Turmoil/The Black Illusions Rehearsal 1996
    by The Rare Nasum