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  1. Deiform
    by Funeral Mist
  2. Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught
  3. Closed Doors / Open Veins
    by Nak'ay
  4. Psychocephalic Spawning
    by Effluence
  5. A Legendary Death EP
    by General Surgery
  6. The Cold Tomb Of Decomposed Utopia
    by Eden Is Gone
  7. THWOMP!
    by FLATUS
  8. Certain Death Austerities
    by Palsied
  9. The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence
    by Intestinal Hex
  10. Slave to the Scalpel
    by 200 STAB WOUNDS
  11. Unstoppable Lymphatic Liquefaction
    by Pharmacist
  12. Le dernier adieu
    by Nordicwinter
  13. Deterioration / Mellow Harsher - Split
    by Malokul
  14. The Romance Of Affliction
    by SeeYouSpaceCowboy
  15. Grafskymf - Dräpt Af Myrens Rå
    by His Wounds
  16. Purification Through Violence
    by Dying Fetus
  17. Dying Wish - Fragments of a Bitter Memory
    by SharpTone Records
  18. ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
    by Abominable Putridity
  19. Coherence
    by Be'lakor
  20. Madness is the Beginning: Beyond the Darkness of the Brightest Gore
    by Golem Of Gore