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  1. Kvile
    by Eldrim
  2. The Hunt
    by Ulvesang
  3. Níundi
    by Níundi
  4. Gizit dar Faida Medley
    by XIV Dark Centuries
  5. Blodbylgje + DIGIPACK
    by Katt Ran
  6. Ghostlands - Wounds From a Bleeding Earth
    by Wormwood
  7. Down the White Waters
    by Ash of Ashes
  8. Vangheimr
    by Rúnfell
  9. Крумкачы Таксама Смяротныя (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  10. Палын (Wormwood)
    by Dymna Lotva
  11. Трудна, нудна на сэрдуньку (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  12. VIII (Symphonic version)
    by Dymna Lotva
  13. Самотны Чалавечы Голас (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  14. Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі: Дрыгва (The Land under the Black Wings: Swamp)
    by Dymna Lotva
  15. Requiem (Single)
    by Dymna Lotva
  16. Forn
    by Kaunan
  17. Songs from the Fyrgen
    by Wolcensmen
  18. LandawarijaR
    by Helheim
  19. Urdarbrunnen
    by Falkenstein
  20. Die große Göttin
    by Falkenstein
  21. Rosna
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
  22. Native Sorrow
    by Terranaut
  23. Godtfolk
    by Songleikr
    Truly wonderful
  24. The Demo Sessions
    by Fortid
  25. From Which Hatred Grows
    by DRAUGAR
  26. Black Magic Man
    by Psychedelic Witchcraft
    Really solid 70's doom. Great vocals and musicianship