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  1. Point of Views
    by Dave Kerman / 5uu's
  2. Bran Coucou
    by PinioL
  3. From Silence to Somewhere
    by Wobbler
  4. The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin
    by Eskimo
  5. Jack
    by Eskimo
  6. Some Prefer Cake: Original Motion Picture Score
    by Eskimo
  7. English Electric: Full Power (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
  8. Expeditionary Twitch
    by John Elmquist's HardArt groop
    Pressing Planetoidal Perambulations Pressing Planetoidal Perambulations
    Bewildering, witty, freewheeling-yet-meticulous jazz-meets-rock-meets-contemporary classical (and they all somehow get on and have a pleasant evening together). Strong shades of Canterbury Scene (and even Zeuhl in places?) but ultimately Elmquist and co appear to be very much doing their own thing with scant regard for how anyone else may contextualise it. I'd say that's a pretty laudable endeavour.
  9. Adventure
    by Lydian Collective
    Cartoon Hero Cartoon Hero
    Bright, sunny jazz fusion with a soupçon of math rock. A charming and confident debut album.
  10. Dromology
    by Inner Ear Brigade
    Shaman Coin Toss Shaman Coin Toss
    Knotty, wild and uncompromising; melodic, joyful and inviting. Making music that manages to be all these things at once is a bloody tricky thing to pull off, but these chaps make it seem effortless.
  11. Heavy Meddlers
    by Father Figure
    Bolt from the Blue Bolt from the Blue
    Mathy, jazzy instrumentals that demand your attention. Complex and technical but never cold and clinical. Cracking stuff.
  12. Life in the Punch Line
    by Fifth Species
    Open Open
    Despite more than a casual tip of the hat to the likes of Gentle Giant, Yes, Phish etc., Fifth Species are undoubtedly doing their own thing. What's more, they're doing it well. Catchy, wonky, engaging and fun. A most impressive debut album.
  13. Boy From Black Mountain
    by Beat Circus
  14. Blackbox
    by Major Parkinson
    Isabel - A Report to an Academy Isabel - A Report to an Academy
    Brooding, theatrical, amorphous prog. Somehow even deeper and more ambitious than their earlier albums without sacrificing the sense of playfulness.A truly rewarding listen.
  15. Loveblows
    by Super Best Friends Club
  16. Instant Everything!
    by Stop Motion Orchestra
    Regal Monster Regal Monster
    Jovial instrumental avant-prog/jazz/whatever. Puts me in mind of Happy the Man, which is never a bad thing. And oh, that Cardiacs cover! Lovely stuff.
  17. Edit Peptide
    by Bubblemath
    The Sensual Con The Sensual Con
    Worth every second of the agonising wait.
  18. Woohoo!
    by CHON
  19. Channel The Spirits
    by The Comet Is Coming
  20. I
    by Fief
  21. II
    by Fief
  22. Murder Of The Universe (N. America version / pre-order)
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
  23. Thing Or Two
    by Prescott
    Cis 3 Hex Cis 3 Hex
    Pure concentrated slabs of greasy, nutritious wonk. Prescott seem to exist in their own pocket universe devoid of musical genre or context, and they're all the better for that. Keith Moliné's twangy surf-like guitar is a lovely addition, building nicely on the sound established on their debut album. My favourite album of 2017.
  24. From Tales To Spells
    by Arcane Alchemists
    The Outsider The Outsider
    So the Hurdy-Gurdy is the obvious draw here, but even with more conventional instrumentation this would be a strong album, full of solid instrumental prog/fusion that pulls influences from a variety of genres with tight, engaging arrangements. The unique sound of the Hurdy-Gurdy is what elevates it to something special, though.
  25. Brossaklitt
    by PoiL
    Patachou Patachou
    Baffling nonsense. I love it to bits.
  26. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
  27. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  28. Wounded Fhealer Series Part Four
    by Make A Rising
  29. Multipurpose Trap
    by Birds and Buildings
    Abominable Pelican Abominable Pelican
    Dripping with influences from prog bands of yore (and not just the obvious ones), yet still fresh, fun and uniquely Dan Britton. Out of everything he's put out, both under this moniker and as Deluge Grander, this remains for me the pinnacle. Packed with melody, complexity and charming eccentricity.
  30. Everything Unsaid
    by Screaming Maldini
  31. Dins o Cuol
    by PoiL
  32. Wounded Fhealer Series Part Three
    by Make A Rising
  33. Wounded Fhealer Series Part Two
    by Make A Rising
  34. Wounded Fhealer Series: Part One
    by Make A Rising
  35. Heliotians
    by Deluge Grander
  36. Islands
    by Screaming Maldini
  37. Babycum
    by Caterpillarmen
  38. Bearings
    by Screaming Maldini
  39. Use And Ornament
    by Regal Worm
  40. Super Best Friends Club
    by Super Best Friends Club
  41. Don't Land On Me
    by Knifeworld
  42. Second Leg
    by Executive Legs
  43. Secrets And Signals
    by Stars In Battledress
  44. Screaming Maldini s/t
  45. Listening Bones
    by Perhaps Contraption