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  1. Adelaide, Australia
  2. Metal
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  1. 2018 Full Lenght - The homeless, they exist by your god
    by Amuleto de Calamidades
  2. 1 - Immemorial Ages of Decay
    by S.A.R.G.
  3. 2 - Coffin for a Priest
    by S.A.R.G
  4. Anthologie Der Abkehr
    by Wallfahrer
  5. SWARN - Black Flame Order
    by SWARN
  6. Consciousness Torn from the Void
    by The Ember, The Ash
  7. Survey The Wreckage
    by Wildspeaker
  8. Vesper
    by Entropia
  9. Teloorgang
    by Nevel
  10. The End of All Things Perceived
    by Anesmwythder
  11. The Last Supper
    by Non Est Deus
  12. Split
    by Woeful Silence
  13. Funeral of Life
    by Hopeless
  14. From Death to Dust...
    by Death Beauty
  15. Hollow
    by Silence Thereafter
  16. One Year Of Grief
    by Uten Håp
  17. LPT
    by Vanhelga
  18. The Burnings Will Come To You EP
    by Vakash
  19. All Shall Return To Chaos
    by Insanity Cult
  20. Wilted Wounds
    by Serpent Herder
  21. Ensomhet
    by Absence Of Life
  22. Todesstille
    by Mirkwood
  23. Fears
    by Anhemia
  24. Amnesia (Single)
    by Tristitia Nigrum
    IV IV
  25. Abigail (Happy Days cover)
    by Afraid of Destiny
  26. Coma II (Austere cover)
    by Afraid of Destiny
  27. Singles II
    by Noir For Rachel
  28. Cherophobia
    by LSCOD
  29. Split w. Old Soul
    by ██████
  30. La pénombre de l'agir
    by Précipices
  31. Legacy Of Misery
    by Unguilty
  32. Melancolia , tristeza dor e solidão
    by Funesto
  33. Longing for the End
    by ANTI
  34. Harmaa-Lohduton-Kuolema
    by Narkolepsia
  35. Покинутий одинак (Pokynutyy odynak)
    by Божевільний (Bozhevilnyy)
  36. Lifeless (EP)
    by Desolate Tapes
  37. Anguish and Atonement
    by Mo'ynoq
  38. Gravity and Grace
    by Respire
  39. Burial of Self
    by Aurora Disease
  40. Call from the Forest
    by Vegard
  41. Mystik
    by Steingrab
  42. Mourning Cloak
    by Underdark
  43. Urban Suicidal Melancholy
    by Aurora Disease
  44. Plagues of Wrath
    by Febris Manea
  45. Remembrance
    by Harrower