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  1. Field Notes IV
    by Reeder
  2. ruin
    by The Amazing Devil
    Inkpot Gods Inkpot Gods
    I never thought I'd hear another album that made me feel as feral as The Horror and the Wild did but HERE WE FREAKING ARE. Chords and Inkpot Gods gutted me, I have like five different lines rattling around in my head on loop, and I'm struggling to do anything but nest in this over and over. Thank you so so much.
  3. Affirmations
    by Reeder
  4. Live At Home
    by Reeder
  5. The Archivist's Vision
    by Reeder
    The Way Things Were The Way Things Were
    Fantastic, a little haunting and melancholy in the best way. The addition of the strings give a lovely depth to Reeder's already beautiful piano work. (and I may be biased about my favorite track since I can clearly hear myself in it but it came together super well!)
  6. Field Notes
    by Reeder
  7. A Quiet Place
    by Reeder
  8. In Defence Of The Archivist
    by Reeder
  9. West Key South
    by Reeder
  10. Field Notes II
    by Reeder
  11. The Ghost In Your Piano
    by The Ghost In Your Piano
  12. The Land We Walk On
    by Reeder
  13. It Is The Nature Of Dreams To End
    by Reeder
    Julia Julia
    An inspiring, melancholy, uplifting album that makes me want to curl up with tea, a good book, and a blanket while I watch snow fall outside my window. Perfect music to write to. I especially love "Julia" - not only does it make me think of the Adventure Zone character who inspired the track, but it makes me think of good quiet days with my own wife. All in all, this album is wonderful and worth whatever you can afford to pay for it. Hands down my favorite album I've discovered this year.
  14. Field Notes III
    by Reeder
  15. Love Run
    by The Amazing Devil
  16. The Horror and the Wild
    by The Amazing Devil
    Fair Fair
    This album makes me ache and laugh and scream in equal measures. The music is gorgeous, the lyrics are an amazingly evocative mix of poetic and conversational, and the vocals are top notch. Joey's growl goes straight to your gut in songs like The Horror and The Wild, and Madeline's voice gave me chills in the best way. I've been waiting for this album a long time and I had no idea until today.
  17. We Are Who We Are
    by Vixy & Tony
    Anna Anna
    I love every song on this album. So many moments that make me unexpectedly (or expectedly in some cases) emotional. While it’s not my favorite to sing along to, I think the song that will lodge itself into my heart forever is Anna. It makes me think of all the dreams I never quite could reach but still cling to.
  18. The Beast & The Water - Music from The Adventure Zone: Amnesty
    by Griffin McElroy
  19. Mischief
    by S. J. Tucker
  20. All Is As All Should Be
    by The Dear Hunter