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Rob Cary

  1. Burlington, Vermont
  2. Electronic
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  1. Utensils
    by Project Pablo
    Blender Blender
    A1 and B1 are flames, Pablo is a producer to watch in 2017!
  2. Sassy Typhoon
    by M5K
  3. Only We Know What Is Talking About
    by Paperkraft
    RnB sample? Check. Sepia-tone intro? Check. Just good house.
  4. Conga Radio - Right Beside You
    by Jex Opolis
    Conga Radio - Right Beside You Conga Radio - Right Beside You
  5. Ciel
    by Youandewan
  6. Navy Blue
    by Nautic
    Lay Back Lay Back
    Laura Groves is in a band, and it's an awesome band! Bullion once again sits in as studio wizard, and crafts smooth, dense soundscapes that perfectly complement Nautic's sleepy-eyed guitar grooves. It goes in directions you don't always expect, and it just jams. I can't stress enough how much it jams.
  7. FIREC006
    by Vakula
    Intro Intro
    My favorite kind of house; smoky, crunchy, churning, percussion thick like whale blubber. 'Intro' sets the stage for the next fifteen minutes beautifully. Cosmic soup for the soul on wax that's perfect for a night in, the morning after, or a lazy afternoon.
  8. Golden Years
    by Brothertiger
    Lovers Lovers
    Nostalgic, dreamy pop tunes that push all the right buttons. Well-produced music that's full of personality and literally bounces through your headphones. Joy!!
  9. Thinking About Thinking
    by Laura Groves
    Inky Sea Inky Sea
    Folk/electronic/pop all at once. Laura Groves has a great voice and sweats melodies for DAYS. She sings over thick, subtle productions courtesy of Bullion (she also produced some herself) this stuff is just pleasing to listen to, no matter how you spin it.
  10. Kangaroo Ground / Ferntree Gully
    by Tornado Wallace
    Kangaroo Ground Kangaroo Ground
    Tornado Wallace is the sound of a deep love of nature. His music sounds like its growing, and his naturally organic music rubs shoulders with more acid-tinged flavors on this record. But in true TW fashion they are dense, foggy waking dreams; loose, languid music that's parts nostalgia, atmosphere, and loads of slow-burning grooves. "Ferntree Gully" is nuts!!
  11. "Much Less Normal"
    Land, Repair, Refuel Land, Repair, Refuel
    A sprawling, gorgeous electronic work that twinkles and glows as much as it buzzes and hums. The occasional rhythm is appreciated, but this is a record with true texture, yet it always feels like it's just out of your reach. A fine balance.
  12. Neptune Visions
    by Panabrite
    Neptune's Passage Neptune's Passage
    "Boards of Canada and M83 have a psychedelic, at times Brian Eno-channeling love child," might read an ad for Panabrite's technicolor sonic wanderings. Another album whose music you can almost touch, there are a great deal of bright, crunchy sounds to feast on here. For sound explorers this is a trip worth taking.