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  1. Comeback
    by SeYSMIC
  2. Omega
    by Absolute Valentine
  3. Swan Princess
    by Psybolord
  4. Fashion Victim
    by AWITW
    Seasons Seasons
    I usually have hard time finding music that helps me concentrate on my work AND enjoy synthwave at the same time. Well, there you have it! Fashion Victim - Well balanced and solid production by AWITW!
  5. Stellar Stillbirth
    by Neon City Murder
    Ethnic Bioweapon Ethnic Bioweapon
    If you enjoy cosmic dystopia, you definitely need to check out Stellar Stillbirth!
  6. Polyphemus
    by JPJ
    Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
    If you like synthwave and want to try something special and original, Polyphemus is a perfect album for that! Recognizable JPJ-style bass and synths, astonishing drumwork. Just like Skittles, this album offers different flavors : dreamwave, darksynth, futuresynth and even busy monday morning synths. Oh, and if you enjoyed David Wise works, you will definitely enjoy JPJ!
  7. Him
    by OSC
    World's End World's End
    This album is 100% retro summer. When listening to OSC, you just can't hide the fact that you are going full groove. But wait, there is more! Do you like vocals in your synthwave? Surely you will enjoy OSC!
  8. Police Heartbreaker
    by Absolute Valentine
    Extreme Drift Extreme Drift
    Absolutely amazing album by Absolute Valentine! If you own a car, this is a must-have for best driving experience.
  9. Sunset Love (Deluxe Edition)
    by Absolute Valentine
    Supernova Run Supernova Run
    Want to introduce Synthwave to your friend? Sunset Love is a perfect album for that! Imagine rolling your lowrider in miami... while wearing a space suit! You get that extra retrofuturistic touch.
    Oh, and if you are a fan of percussion, you won't be disappointed!
  10. Sentient
    by Stilz
    It is a big collection of unbelievably addicting masterpiece. If you are into cyberpunk theme synthwave, this album is a must have in your collection.
  11. Revival
    by SeYSMIC
    Charade (Through the Neon City) Charade (Through the Neon City)
    SeYSMIC is a holder of its own special concoction of synthwave, overdriven guitar and dark atmosphere. You should give it a taste!
  12. Lord of Synth
    by Isidor
    Intercept Intercept
    The High Lord of Synthwave, Isidor!
  13. Fatal Attraction EP
    by Atrey
  14. Strange Valley
    by Sierra
    A Long Walk A Long Walk
    Strange Valley emits unique post-apocalyptic cyberpunk atmosphere, which is exactly what I am into! You get unforgetable cinematic feeling, as if you were inside that broken grimdark world Sierra created. Love this album!
    by Carpenter Brut