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  1. We Are All Secrets
    by Hot Won't Quit
    Silence is Creeping Silence is Creeping
    Holy balls.
    If there were such a thing as ethereal doom groove punk, then ... well hell y'all, there is now. Bathe in it's glory, and be a believer in new possibilities.
  2. Salvador
    by Lo-Pan
    El Dorado El Dorado
  3. Dead Rock Commandos
    by Nightstalker
  4. Locust Season
    by Gozu
    Jamaican Luau Jamaican Luau
  5. Through the Dusty Path of Our Lives
    by Abrahma
    Neptune of Sorrow Neptune of Sorrow
  6. Friends In High Places
    by All Time High
    Tight Rope Tight Rope
  7. Enterprises
    by Hackman
    Tragedian Tragedian
  8. S/T (Supermachine)
    by Supermachine
    Transformer Transformer
  9. A.D.
    by Solace
    Za Gamman Za Gamman
  10. The Fury Of A Patient Man
    by Gozu
    Brown Sugar (Shit Damn Motherfucker) (Bonus Track) Brown Sugar (Shit Damn Motherfucker) (Bonus Track)
  11. Colossus
    by Lo-Pan
    Vox Vox
  12. Splitting Sky
    by Borracho
  13. Sasquanaut
    by Lo-Pan
    Kurtz Kurtz
  14. Nocturnal Trip
    by Nocturnal Trip
    Ominous Blackness Ominous Blackness
  15. Damned by Fate
    by Red Desert
    Last of Days Last of Days
  16. AKAB
    by Khox
  17. Paths to Charon
    by Skånska Mord
    Dark Caves of Our Mind Dark Caves of Our Mind
  18. The Last Supper
    by Skanska Mord
    The Last Supper The Last Supper
  19. Haddock EP
    by Haddock
    The Devil in These Guys The Devil in These Guys
  20. Book Of Grief
    by Iron Heel