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  1. De Novo
    by Digital Gnosis
    Vitae Vitae
  2. Void Glide
    by royb0t
    Cyber Cyber
  3. Acid Witch
    by royb0t
    Acid Witch (Computer Age Mix) Acid Witch (Computer Age Mix)
  4. Everything Is Fine
    by KBR
    Perfect Haircuts Perfect Haircuts
  5. Black Burst Generator
    by royb0t
    Black Burst Generator (BBGrmx1) Black Burst Generator (BBGrmx1)
  6. Gaté
    by Digital Gnosis
    Gaté Gaté
  7. Step Up
    by _the boundless_
    Step Up Step Up
  8. No Future
    by Nevada Hardware
    Smash Cut Smash Cut
  9. Introducing Thinkbreak Records
    by Thinkbreak Records
    Interference Pattern Interference Pattern
  10. Generation Loss
    by royb0t
    Generation Loss (Coinhammer Remix) Generation Loss (Coinhammer Remix)
  11. Syncline
    by Digital Gnosis
    Linesync Linesync
  12. Killer Mommy
    by Techno>Prisoners
    Killer Mommy (royb0t remix) Killer Mommy (royb0t remix)
  13. WETWARE: Compiled
    by Slighter
    Wirehead (royb0t Remix) Wirehead (royb0t Remix)
  14. Exogenous: Remix Compilation
    by Slighter
    ReSet (royb0t Remix) ReSet (royb0t Remix)
  15. Code Blue Reloaded
    by I Ya Toyah
    Give Me More Lies (royb0t Remix) Give Me More Lies (royb0t Remix)
  16. Origin Stories
    by Anarchotech
  17. Entertainment System
    by Professor Kliq
    Gnosis Hardware Gnosis Hardware
  18. Mind & Matter
    by Collide
    Will Not Be Destroyed (Digital Gnosis Remix) Will Not Be Destroyed (Digital Gnosis Remix)
  19. Leave Tomorrow
    by em—eff
  20. The Dust Trial
    by _the boundless_
    Stomper Stomper