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  1. 過去と未来の間
    by ☒
  2. メメント モリ [ Live Improvisations ]
    by ☒
  3. The Best Of
    by ☒
  4. GAIA
    by Blank Banshee
    Teknofossil Teknofossil
    Is GAIA both more pop-friendly AND experimental? Does 🅱️🅱️ shed cliches of old?
    Something diverse in tones and more?
    The answer is yes.
    The beats, synths, pads, mixing and album flow amazingly, loaded with callbacks: This is all killer, no filler.
    MEGA wanted to be this; BB0, while a classic, now seems quaint; BB1 is the only album to hold up now with it's cohesiveness and emotional aural storytelling.
    GAIA's a rich slice of 🅱️🅱️'s artistry.
    A damn fine experience only 🅱
  5. Community
    by Diskette Park
  6. Umurangi Generation Macro (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by ThorHighHeels
  7. Forget to Breathe
    first XDDDDD
  8. Of Error
    Tighter, "poppier" album with darker beats, death-rattle melodies and tongue in cheek sampling; VMS has got the eclectic drill/grime/dub/breakcore/witchhouse that keeps me coming back. Despite being lean on its runtime, the structure doesn't hold up completely with some sag; some interludes swing-an-miss while others percolate deep sealed emotion.
    "Baand Summers" needed a few more cuts at it.. maybe a bit raw?
    Overall though: good shit. Keep am eye out.
    "Is this a joke?"
  9. Mind Mapping EP
    Very chill. Very enjoyable. I've come back to it at least 4 times before this "review."
    Much wave. The airy, sparse pads and vocal samples oscillating while good ol' 808s bang away; the beats themselves, while not complex by much, is still heady and sharp compared to many mainstream trap-pop producers.
    Much well mixed too--very sharp clarity and no clipping.
    The price is definitely right for this too.
    Probably the most tonally consistent work from BACKWHEN & da boys.
  10. debug_mankind
    by drip-133
  11. BLOOD RAGE (Limited Edition 12" Vinyl)
    by NxxxxxS
    What Would I Do, Without You What Would I Do, Without You
    A good set of beats and tunes held together by a strong flow; above all, this album is the most cohesive since "synthetic corporation" back in the day. It's got a couple duds and the features (phonk cliche meme machine Soudiere) are lacking in impact.. but at the same time the technical production values are at an all time high--beats and melodies furthering to deepen with layers over layers over layers.
    If you like NFive already, this is an EZ sell.
  12. heaven Is Other Places.
    A disgustingly refreshing bit of grime. Takes vaportrap, drill and grime so far to the edge.
    Best enjoyed in a seedy den of degenerative activity.
  13. Folk Triumfator
    by Zandvoort & Uilenbal
  14. TEAC Life
    by Legowelt
  15. The Land Is Entranced With Peace
    by Danny Wolfers
  16. Feed a Fever
    Polaris Polaris
    An absolutely stellar, cohesive and tonal complete package. This is by far the most advanced work by BACKWHEN yet. Every song has it's place. The structure is S-rank. I highly recommend you buying this and playing it in FLAC. The synth soundscapes are breathtaking. The drums are creative and ever changing. Airy, light and mesmerizing; yet, a sadness beneath. I can't recommend it enough. It's incredibly hard to pick a favorite track. That's a good thing.
  17. We're Worried About You
    Flesh (ft. HKE) Flesh (ft. HKE)
    An absolute classic: the medley of vaportrap, more melancholic synths juxtaposed with bubbly atmosphere; this is a sound and tone that once you hear, you know it's COCAINEJESUS.
    Emotions of the title track, to lovely vibes of "Emulate Love," the album just gives hit after hit after hit; there's something for everyone that you can at least enjoy it the first time--he's got a vibe of his own. The infectious mood of this album is best spent on a cold day with someone or something you love.
  18. Tips For Life
    by Legowelt
  19. Wilder Paths
    by Black Brunswicker
  20. Spirits
    by Rest You Sleeping Giant