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Rough Remarks

  1. Cologne, Germany
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. XX - The Posse Is Large
    by Rough Remarks
  2. Dark Horse Beats [Motion Picture Soundtrack]
    by Melvin van Pushen
  3. Dark Horse Beats 2 [The Hustle Continues]
    by Melvin van Pushen
  4. Dark Horse Beats 3 [Hustle With Speed]
    by Melvin van Pushen
  5. Das Logbuch
    by Hordak two
  6. 2001 live @ Rodeobar
    by WBM
  7. Vierzig
    by LST da phunky child
  8. Diorama
    by Lookey & LST da phunky child
  9. Autistikits
    by Autistikits
    A02 MNNGLSS (extended version) A02 MNNGLSS (extended version)
    A near perfect compilation that crosses borders from ambient to lofi beats. The outstanding retro package makes this AK Release a real collector item!
  10. Ambient 14 - 15
    by Autistikits
    Mulholland Overdrive Mulholland Overdrive
    This Album is the perfect soundtrack to talk a walk in the forest on a wet foggy morning. timeless recordings!
  11. The Alsthum Trail
    by That Night
    Loosing Eniae At 02′12′10 Loosing Eniae At 02′12′10
    We are very happy to present these tracks as a part of our 20 years anniversary sampler. Quality work from That Night as always!!!
  12. Surutu Creek
    by That Night
    B5 - Rational Level Nominal B5 - Rational Level Nominal
    Beautiful captured atmospheres and sounds, combined with dusty drums and a lot of analog static. Never seen a tape manufactured like this before - very innovative and inspiring!
  13. Magnitisdat
    by That Night
    Romance In A Concrete Forest Romance In A Concrete Forest
    Great Release! Very Atmospheric productions. Listen to the complete work to capture the mood.
  14. C-BOX – 101IO Music Selected And Mixed By That Night
    by That Night
    All Tracks selected with passion. Very uplifting mix! That Night never dissappoints.
  15. Aerouant
    by Griesenbruch 24
    B3 - The Deleted Scene B3 - The Deleted Scene
    Great atmospheric moods and hypnotic sounds. Twilight music produced with a lot of passion!
  16. LSD4 - 12 Artists / 12 Styles
    by ElektroHaze
    LSDrop LSDrop
    A nice varied sampler of different productions and beats. Bigup to Denis and Elektro Haze for the organisation and good communication, making this happen.
  17. The Weather Up There
    by Jeremy Cunningham
    Hike Hike
  18. Outskirts Instrumentals
    by Floyd the Locsmif
    Rosa Parks beat Rosa Parks beat
    Outskirts is of the best remix albums I've heard. I bought the cd back in 2004 as a big outkast fan without listening first and have to say that some remixes inspire me more than the original versions. This fine piece of music should be available on vinyl! Bigup from Germany!
  19. Ghetto Beat 95
    by WWW
    Great retro release! Brings back the original 1995 feeling.
  20. jazzy village vol. 1
    by kick a dope verse!